Meet the Candidate: Ken Robinson for Charles County Commissioner

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Meet the Candidate: Ken Robinson for Charles County Commissioner


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Ken Robinson is to some an irritant and to others a visionary. Robinson has put in place in Charles County the first residential wind turbine to save energy, but because of stumbling block after dead end in the permitting process to build the environmentally friendly and renewable energy turbine, his experience left him with the knowledge that something needs to change with the way the government does business. For that reason, Robinson decided to run for County Commissioner.

According to Robinson, “Charles County enjoys a rich history dating back over 350 years. The county’s tourism website boats that visitors will enjoy a ‘rich abundance of history, culture, outdoor activities and fabulous seafood.’ Yet, in toxic chemicals released by factories, power plants and other industrial companies, Charles County ranks among the worst 10 percent of all counties in the U.S. in terms of total environmental releases.”

The candidate sites a recent survey of voters that gave the county poor ratings in growth and land use policies. “They expressed that commuter light rail as having far greater priority than the proposed cross county connector highway. They also feared that the proposed Cross County Connector would threaten a vital and important estuary, the Mattawoman Creek,” said Robinson.

He stated that the county needs to work toward reclaiming a future for the county; one where economic development is balanced with environmental stewardship and wise use of natural and cultural resources. “This will help reclaim our future, and assure an improved quality of life for county residents.”

Robinson is the Principal of Potomac View Communications, LLC.  Founded in 1995, PVC is an award-winning firm that has excelled in the fields of public relations, developing original multimedia content, Internet delivered distance education, creating original radio and Internet delivered programming and producing video programs for the travel, education and healthcare fields.

“One thing that must change for Charles County is the level of transparency,” said Robinson.”I am in the communications business and the first thing I want to do when elected is make the way the government deals with the public. It should be completely transparent with all agency and department heads accessible to the public at all times,” said Robinson.

No stranger to communicating with the public, Robinson created, produced and hosted the nationally syndicated radio program ‘The Travel Minute,’ which aired on more than 200 radio stations throughout the nation between 1995 and 2001.

He also served for 12 years as a producer and correspondent for the United Press International (UPI) Radio Network.  While there, he was involved in almost every major news story of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Robinson has served on the Charles County Board of Zoning and Appeals since August, 2008.

The charismatic candidate is married to Dr. Sheryl Elliott and resides in Swan Point where he serves as President of the Swan Point Property Owners Association.  In that capacity, he led the opposition to the expansion of the coal-powered Morgantown Generating station which resulted in saving millions of gallons per day of potable water as the plant’s owners were required to build a desalinization plant for their industrial uses.

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