Meet the Candidate: Mike Blasey Runs for State Delegate

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Meet the Candidate: Mike Blasey Runs for State Delegate


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Mike Blasey is running for Maryland State House of Delegates in Calvert County, District 27B. Upon meeting Blasey, it is immediately apparent that he is not the typical politician, but a citizen that cares deeply about Maryland.

When asked why he decided to run, Blasey stated during a recent interview, “I am a self taught student of history and have studied the Declaration of Independence and both the Federal and Maryland Constitutions and from what I can see nobody is following the spirit of those amazing documents.”

Blasey stated that the first thing people should know about him is that he is a mechanic, not a politician. “I see something wrong and I fix it and it is about time our elected officials started doing the same,” said Blasey on Baynet Radio.

The upstart candidate believes that elected representatives on all levels are too corrupt and not conducting themselves with honor, integrity and truth. He also emphasized that “a lot of the members currently in the seats of our legislature are not working for the taxpayer.”

Blasey firmly believes that elected representatives need to lead by example. “I have pledged to set term limits on myself of no more than two consecutive terms as State Delegate.

The candidate also feels that it is absolutely imperative that state and local incomes taxes must be lowered in order to correct Maryland’s current financial crisis. In fact, Blasey stated that he is in favor of reducing corporate taxes drastically in order to attract more corporations and potential employers to the state.

If elected, Blasey intends to point out and eliminate corruption in the state government regardless of party affiliation.

“A vote for me will guarantee that you Marylanders, at least in the 27B District, will get a representative, not a politician. I intend to bring new representation, fresh ideas, and a new perspective to the General Assembly for the citizens of Calvert County. “

Blasey outlined some specific goals for his candidacy should he be successful in November:

  • Bring jobs back to Calvert and Maryland by:
    • Lowering income and corporate taxes to allow businesses to invest in research and development and reinvest in their business and expand
  • Reduce spending in Maryland State Government
  • Preserve and enforce Maryland State Sovereignty
  • Encourage expansion and exploration of current and future energy sources by:
  • Taking an all above approach including wind, solar, coal and off-shore drilling for natural gas
  • Term Limits
    • Limit himself to two consecutive terms as State Delegate
    • Introduce legislation to institute term limits

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