Official Press Release: Missing Teen Found Deceased

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Official Press Release: Missing Teen Found Deceased

CHAPTICO - 10/27/2009

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On Oct. 27 at approximately 5:24 a.m. St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office patrol units responded to a Mechanicsville residence for the report of a missing 17 year old juvenile who was believed to be armed with several weapons.

A lookout was placed for the juvenile who was believed to be operating a red Dodge truck. The vehicle was observed being operated by the juvenile on Colton’s Point Rd. by Maryland State Police.

The operator was able to elude police. At approximately 11:40 a.m., a citizen contacted the Sheriff’s Office and advised that the vehicle was observed on Old Trappe Road in Avenue at the end of the road.

Officers responded and observed the vehicle parked near a gate at the end of a dirt lane. The area was secured, nearby residents were notified, as well as school officials, to take the necessary security actions.

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded with their Armored Vehicle “Bear Cat” which was deployed by members of the Calvert County Special Operations Team, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Team and Critical Incident Negotiations Team who approached the vehicle and discovered the juvenile deceased.

UPDATE 1:30 - Emergency Service Teams approached the scene and discovered the male in his car and reported that he was not moving. EMS crews have been placed back in service and the perimeter is being cleared.
All further updates will await the official press release from authorities.  

UPDATE 1:22 P.M. - As of 1 p.m., authorties are bringing more units to the scene to secure a 5 mile perimeter. Reports are that Calvert's armored personnel carrier is on the way to the scene. No helicopter support is available because of the weather. The Coast Guard has offered to provide a water support craft if necessary.

At 1:22 the EST team is headed inside the perimeter.

UPDATE 12:36 P.M. - Right now, police have called emergency crews and ambulance service to standby in the area of Sugar Hole Road and Old Trappe Lane in Avenue as they continue to search for the missing teen. has learned that police were alerted to a missing teen this morning Wednesday, Oct. 27 and that the teen attended Chopticon HS. Authorities put up a missing persons alert and began to search for the teen’s vehicle. There was an unconfirmed report of missing weapons at the same time as the missing person call was made.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., police spotted the missing vehicle. What they approached the vehicle there was a shot heard in the woods nearby. Authorities are now setting up a perimeter in the area. Details to follow as they are made available.

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