Calvert Deputy Awarded for Capturing "Most Wanted"

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Calvert Deputy Awarded for Capturing "Most Wanted"

CALVERT COUNTY - 10/27/2009

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Sheriff Mike Evans is pleased to announce that Sgt. Craig Kontra recently received the Presidential Award from the Maryland Joint Child Support Council, a non-profit organization that represents the child support enforcement professionals in Maryland. 

Sgt. Kontra, who oversees the Sheriff’s Office Warrant Unit, received the award for his “dedication and support to the Maryland Child Support Program” on Oct. 16 during a conference held by the organization in Ocean City. 

Sgt. Kontra and his unit deputies served 200 criminal warrants during 2008’s Child Support Sweep week, captured 7 “most wanted” criminals and collected $70,852.24 in owed child support payments.

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