Boyle Lands a Top Ten in the New York City Triathlon

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Boyle Lands a Top Ten in the New York City Triathlon

NEW YORK, NY - 7/28/2009

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Out of the 3400 people with whom the young athlete competed, Brian Boyle had 96 fellow triathletes in his age group. After the grueling race Boyle remarked, “I placed in the top ten by coming in ninth place, which I was thrilled about.  It was a challenging course because my age group was the last to go in so we had to maneuver around all the other athletes so that was pretty tricky.”

Boyle reports that he had some technical problems with his bicycle that was damaged during transit to New York, but that overall he was happy with his performance and the way the race turned out.

“It was an adrenaline rush to be able to do the run in Central Park, which was much more hilly than I had imagined,” said Boyle.

Boyle now has a blog where his fans can interact with the amazing athlete. To check out Boyles Triathlon efforts, check out

"It's a real dream come true to be able to compete in these triathlons and receive all the wonderful support from everyone in the community. Thank you for all of your wonderful messages, letters and emails.  It truly means a lot," said Boyle.

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