'Children are Made Readers on the Laps of Their Parents'

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'Children are Made Readers on the Laps of Their Parents'


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By Sarah Nielsen

When does a Child learn to read? Many people might answer, “Kindergarten.” Researchers have told us something very important. Children can start learning to read and write long before they enter school. Children can start down the road to becoming a reader from the day they are born.

Emilie Buchwald said it best, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
Storytime at the St. Mary’s County Library is a fun and exciting learning environment for both children and parents. TBN recently visited Storytime at the Leonardtown Library. Each Storytime session has a routine centered around a weekly theme.
On this day at the Library the theme was shapes.  Ms. Jill Hutchison led the children singing “Oh What a Miracle,” which is always performed at the beginning of each session. Then Hutchison or one of the other leaders read a few books associated with the ‘shapes’ theme.
In between stories the children participate in other activities including a game and other songs. At the conclusion of storytime the traditional “Bye Bye” rhyme was recited.
Each storytime is specific to an age group. Baby Steps is for ages 2 to 12 months, Toddler time is for ages 1 to 2-1/2 years, and Preschool Storytime includes ages 3 to 5 years. The Wiggle-Giggle storytime is geared more toward toddlers but is for any age child with “extra energy.” With the exception of Wiggle-Giggle storytime, all other sessions are offered at each of the three St. Mary’s County Libraries. See the schedule below for more information.
Not only do children love storytime, but parents and grandparents enjoy it as well. Eva Thompson, a mother of a 2-1/2 year old boy said, “Storytime at the Library is just an ideal way for my son Luke to learn new things that does not cost any money.  Beyond the exposure to different stories and books, he looks forward to the songs and games that the talented librarians put together at the Leonardtown Storytime.”
Thompson went on to state that they continue the Storytime routine at the library simply because it is so much fun. For more on Storytime Hours and special events visit: www.stmalib.org
Storytime Schedule (January 12-May 7):
Baby Steps Storytimes Ages 2-12 months
Lexington Park   Mondays    9:15
Leonardtown    Mondays    10:00
Charlotte Hall    Tuesdays    9:15
Toddler Storytimes    Ages 1-2 ½
Lexington Park   Mondays    9:45 & 10:30
Leonardtown    Mondays    10:30
    Wednesdays    10:00
Charlotte Hall   Tuesdays    10:00 & 10:45
Preschool Storytimes    Ages 3-5 years
Lexington Park   Thursdays    10:30 & 1:15
Leonardtown    Wednesdays    10:30 & 1:30
Charlotte Hall    Wednesday s    10:00 & 1:30
Wiggle-Giggle (for listeners with extra energy)
Leonardtown    Mondays    11:00

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