Winter Storm Wrap-Up: St. Mary's County

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Winter Storm Wrap-Up: St. Mary's County

ST. MARY'S COUNTY - 1/28/2009

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By Pete Hurrey

With yesterday’s sudden snow accumulation and road deterioration that caught many off guard, TBN decided to put up a Winter Storm Wrap-Up for each county. What follows is a wrap-up of the multiple incidents in St. Mary’s County.

The pictures included herein are courtesy of Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department. For more images from Mechanicsville, click on their web site

In one brief flurry of activity in St. Mary’s County from 7 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 27, there were: 48 Property Damage Accidents (Fender Benders), 5 Personal Injury Accidents, 14 Disabled Vehicles, two of which where reclassified from property damage accidents, and two school bus accidents.

One was for a bus turned over on its side that had the driver transported to St. Mary’s Hospital. In that case, there were no kids on board. That one took place at Maddox Road and Hurry Road.

In addition to the school bus accident at Laurel Grove already reported by TBN, there was one additional incident involving a school bus. In that case, the bus ran off the roadway (left tire in the ditch) on Army Navy Drive. There were children on board but no one was injured. That incident was reclassified to disabled vehicle.

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