Chillax at Chillin' Time

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Chillax at Chillin' Time

LEONARDTOWN - 2/19/2009

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By Pete Hurrey

A novel concept for youths and families has opened its doors in Leonardtown – Chillin’ Time Smoothie Bar and Café. After a long grueling day hitting the books, school aged children now have a safe place to go and hang out with

their friends.

The idea was born when proprietors Dannette Martin and Angela Martin decided they wanted to start a business. “We wanted to start something with smoothies and ice cream because of their popularity,” said Dannette Martin.

Angela Martin, no relation to her partner, said, “We wanted a great place for kids to unwind after a long day.” The partners agreed that a smoothie bar and café for kids would be perfect. “Our goal is to give high school kids a safe place to go after school.”

Chillin’ Time features a simple, inexpensive menu, a wide variety of smoothies and ice cream and some basic food that kids love such as hotdogs, pizza and nachos. However, the real draw for children will be the large screen televisions tuned into kid-savvy programming and three large screen pay-for-play Wii stations.

“We have only been open for three weeks, but our vision is have local high school bands play here at least twice a month," said Danette. "We also want to stress that there will be no alcohol tolerated at any time.”

The goal is to provide kids with a safe fun environment. In a region that has long lamented the fact that there are not a lot of activities for children, Chillin’ Time opens with high expectations.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. “We may keep it open a bit longer on Friday’s and Saturday’s,” said Danette Martin.

Chillin’ Time is located on Washington St. in the heart of downtown Leonardtown. All are encouraged to come by and check out this new concept in entertainment. For more information feel free to contact them at (301) 997-0091.

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