Police Involved Shooting at Waldorf Mall

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Police Involved Shooting at Waldorf Mall

WALDORF - 9/23/2008

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The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred on Sept. 19, in the parking lot of the St. Charles Town Center in Waldorf.

The circumstances of the incident are as follows:

At 9:15 p.m., Charles County Sheriff's Officer D. Benthin was conducting theft prevention surveillance in the parking lot of the mall when he observed a suspect attempting to steal a GPS device affixed to the inside window of an unmarked sheriff's vehicle.

Officer Benthin approached the suspect, identified himself as a police officer and attempted to arrest the suspect. The suspect began struggling with Officer Benthin. During the struggle, the suspect assaulted Officer Benthin and Officer Benthin's handgun discharged, striking the suspect in the upper body.

The suspect was flown by a Maryland State Police helicopter to Prince George's Hospital Center, where he was treated and released a short time later.

Upon his release, officers transported the suspect, Carlos Thomas Barksdale, 23 of Washington, D.C., to the Charles County Detention Center and charged him with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and theft.

Officer Benthin was placed on administrative leave in accordance with agency policy.

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