Hoyer Chooses New Press Secretary

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Hoyer Chooses New Press Secretary

Washington, D.C. - 4/29/2012

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By Dick Myers

Mariel Saez
Mariel Saez

Leonardtown High School and St. Mary’s College graduate Mariel Saez will be Rep. Steny Hoyer’s new Maryland press secretary. Saez has been the congressman’s press assistant and a researcher for the past two years. She was an intern in his office while attending college.

Saez’ first day on the job was Saturday as she toured around the Fifth District attending Chrismas in April events with Hoyer. She replaces Maureen Beach, who had been Hoyer’s press secretary for the past four years. Beach left the position to take a job in the media office of the National Beverage Association.

Beach, in her final e-mail to the media, wrote: “I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the years to help highlight issues of importance to our Fifth District community.”

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