Commissioner Coins New County Slogan

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Commissioner Coins New County Slogan

Charles County, MD - 8/22/2011

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Three simple words.  One big message.  “Maryland’s Southern Shore,” a new slogan adopted for Charles County, emphasizes the county’s rural character and desirable location, two aspects that people know and love about Charles County.  The slogan was conceived by Commissioner Ken Robinson (District 1), and will replace the former “Where Eagles Fly” slogan. 

“The purpose of a new slogan or motto is to highlight a community's assets and to create an identity that distinguishes it from other places.  Commissioner Robinson has come up with a creative slogan that really speaks to who we are as a county and sums up the essence of our community in a sentence,” said Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly.

“We expect ‘Maryland’s Southern Shore’ to resonate with visitors as a place that is authentic, pristine, and unique. Our new slogan creates in-house ties to a nature-based tourism strategy, and also capitalizes on a brand already well known in the area—‘Maryland’s Eastern Shore,’” said Commissioner Robinson.

The slogan is featured in the new Charles County destination guide, which made its debut at the Maryland Association of Counties conference in Ocean City last week. The guide is a tool for planning an unforgettable visit to “Maryland’s Southern Shore.” The Charles County destination guide is available at the Crain Memorial Welcome Center in Newburg during normal business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“I think it is memorable and meaningful slogan that will only strengthen our tourism efforts.  It’s a very strong thing for us to have," added Tourism Marketing Specialist Catherine Carroll.

The slogan will represent the Charles County Government brand throughout all elements of its marketing campaigns, including appearing on the county website, letterhead, and business cards.

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