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  • We Need Nurses More Than Ever. Why Are We Letting Them Burn Out?

    Making matters worse, with the aging of the baby boom generation, demand for health care is rising at the same time that large numbers of experienced nurses are retiring. That could lead to the worst nursing shortage in generations within the next decade. 7 minutes ago
  • Why Is There No Statue of Upton Sinclair, The Most Influential American Radical of the First Half of the 20th Century?

    Born into a comfortable Baltimore, Maryland, family, he entered City College of New York at age fifteen. He began writing sketches—mostly adventure stories—for magazines to pay his expenses. After graduation, he became a full-time writer. His first ... 4 hours, 5 minutes ago
  • 4 Important Thoughts For A Successful Career Transition

    Career Coach Lori Bumgarner, M.Ed. loves helping people with transitions, which is tough because most people hate them. My father doesn't want to move to Florida because that's quite a big change from Baltimore, Maryland. My friend doesn't want to ... 10 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • Taking Care of Our Country's Veterans: One of Our Top National Priorities

    Mental health challenges. Not all wounds are physical. The Institute of Medicine estimates that 20 percent of returning veterans suffer from PTSD, a condition that develops after experiencing extreme fear, helplessness, or horror — all common emotions ... 10 hours, 7 minutes ago
  • Will acupuncture increase my chances of getting pregnant?

    ... many acupuncturists recommend beginning 2-3 months prior to trying to get pregnant or to starting fertility treatments. Aaron K. Styer MD is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, founding physician partner, and co-medical director of CCRM ...

    Fox News 15 hours, 5 minutes ago
  • Combating Child Abuse: States Take Action

    In recent months, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon and Washington state also have enacted laws that either expand the definitions of abuse, establish new protocols for state investigations of child abuse, or require the publication of educational ... 15 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • The Great American Healthcare Debate: What the Obamacare Repeal Could Mean for All

    AMHP advocate, Dr. Abdul Qayyum Ahmed, participates in a vigil outside Senator Rob Portman's office with other Cincinnati faith leaders to express their opposition to the Senate health care bill. ... Samina Sohail, MD, is a family physician in ... 15 hours, 7 minutes ago
  • Drones and robots fueled by faith

    Pelican Fly Concepts works to develop a new Baltimore culture of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) based on physical and digital gaming, sporting activities via “design/build/compete” workshops, and gaming events that engage ... 18 hours, 5 minutes ago
  • California suing Trump over border wall, escalating battle with White House

    “It's certainly something he feels is an important part of a responsible immigration package.” This isn't Becerra's first lawsuit against the Trump administration. Just last week, Becerra joined state attorneys general from Minnesota, Maryland and ...

    Fox News 18 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • Where's the Statue of Upton Sinclair, The Influential American Radical?

    His books exposing the corruption and political influence of big banks, the oil industry, the coal conglomerates, the auto companies, media barons, organized religion, higher education, and other powerful institutions resonates with contemporary ... 18 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • (VIDEO) Publishers Should Collaborate To Regain Ad Control, PubMatic's Swanson Says

    COLOGNE — When it comes to new revenue, the digital advertising world now looks increasingly like Google's and Facebook's. But there is now a groundswell movement in which publishers want to regain control of their ad-tech stack and, with it, the ... 21 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • Anti-communist mob attacks Indonesia meeting, 22 arrested

    Fox Nation · Democrats Keep Their Mouths Shut As Menendez Trial Gets Weirder Fox Nation · Man stops breathing, 3 others sickened after eating coworker's food Fox News Health · Jennifer Lawrence film 'Mother!' assailed as a 'grotesque and… Fox News ...

    Fox News 1 day ago
  • Solving the opioid crisis must start in the doctor's office

    As a practicing physician for nearly three decades, and now a freshman Congressman, I have had a unique perspective from which to witness the complex history of today's crisis unfold. It is my belief that to solve this epidemic, we must understand the ...

    Fox News 1 day ago
  • Mueller v. Trump is about to blow up

    For the candidates, the hourlong forum offers them a rare opportunity to cut through all the political noise coming out of Washington, deliver their messages straight to voters on issues including taxes, health care, and transportation, and give those ...

    Fox News 1 day, 2 hours ago
  • How Houston Can Become Stronger After Hurricane Harvey

    Now that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have subsided, cities in Texas and Florida are grappling with public health emergencies in the form of a toxic soup of sewage, poisonous chemicals from Superfund sites and runoff from petrochemical industrial ... 1 day, 10 hours ago
  • 9 Things Psychologists Do When They Have Anxiety

    “Mental-health professionals are not immune to having true anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, and should seek professional help if symptomatic,” says David L. Dunner, MD, director of the Center for Anxiety and Depression in Mercer Island, ... 1 day, 15 hours ago
  • Bipartisan Group Of Governors Speaks Out Against Latest Obamacare Repeal Attempt

    “Improvements to our health insurance markets should control costs, stabilize the market, and positively impact coverage and care of millions of Americans, including many who are dealing with mental illness, chronic health problems, and drug addiction.”. 1 day, 15 hours ago
  • Women in Business: Anne Madison, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, Brand USA

    ... strategy and communications officer for Brand USA, the nation's destination marketing organization with the mission of increasing international visitation to the United States in order to fuel the nation's economy and enhance the image of the USA ... 1 day, 18 hours ago
  • Washington Is Still Hillary Clinton's Town

    Clinton's appearances are being billed, per the book tour website, as “HILLARY CLINTON LIVE,” which sounds less like a political rally and more like a Netflix stand-up special ― as if audiences can expect Clinton to pace about a wooden stool while ... 1 day, 21 hours ago
  • Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Trump's Handshake With Melania

    And it's because of interactions like the one on Friday, when Trump greeted the first lady with a formal handshake after she introduced him at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. “You go sit down, honey,” the president said while nudging her offstage ... 2 days ago