What are the best aspects in astrologer sachidananda babu?
Sachidananda babu is renowned for his accurate predictions. He is also the one who always gives you a reality check in case he finds you with blind beliefs or social stigmas! My parents were desperate to get me married while I just had finished my PU. Because they believed that teenage daughter's marriage was easier and that they could live tension free afterwards! But it was him who convinced them to get my education done saying 'if you lay a foundation for her future by arranging for her higher studies then she'll take care of your family in difficult times in future!'. We had wondered what he meant by 'difficult times' back then. But then my parents couldn't disobey him so they put me to college. Now after 7 years, I'm working in one of the biggest multinational companies situated in Bengaluru with a good amount of salary. And we went through and understood the difficult time he mentioned, that is our areca nut plantation got sick causing huge amount of loss. Father was in huge debts. Me and my brother together helped him settle it and we've moved to Bengaluru and now living a tension free life. We definitely owe a part of this life to him!

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