The Beginner's Trampoline Basics: How to Do Trampoline Tricks Safely

Are you new to trampoline? If you are, below are some simple and safe trampoline tricks that you can brag to your friends.

Tip #1: Learn the basic

The very first thing you need to learn when jumping in trampoline is jumping low until you learn how to control your body not to jump off the trampoline. The second basic you need to learn is doing the "tuck jump". You cannot just waste your time just by doing small jumps; you have to step up to learn more tricks. Below is the step to do tuck jump:

• Jump a little higher bringer your knees to the chest
• Then grab your knees fast with your hands
• Do it repeatedly until you perfected them

Tip #2: Learn to step up with pike jump or the straddle jump

The pike and straddle jumps can be challenging, but you have to step up a little to do some tricks that you can brag to your friends. Below the steps on how to do the straddle or the pike jump.

• Pike jump

The pike jump is bringing both of your knees up as if you are forming an "L"-shaped body. If you have seen some cheerleaders jumping and bringing their feet together in a straight form, that is what they call pike jump.

• Straddle jump

Just imagine you are riding a horse or a bike, but this time, you have to jump and bring both of your feet together up in a V form

Tip #3: Learning the half or the full-length twist 

Twisting can be boring, but did you know that half-twist and full twist while jumping on a trampoline can increase your sense of balance? So, if you want to bring more to the table, try doing the half or the full-length twist. All you need to do is spin around in the air. It may sound simple but doing that can be very challenging. So, for a starter like you, try doing the half-twists to ensure your safety.

Tip #4: Learn how to do the seat landings

Playing with the best trampolines is sure fun, especially when you are starting to learn sit landings like a professional gymnast. If you want to learn how to do the trick, below are some simple tips you can work on:

• Start with three high bounces
• Position your toes
• Straighten your back
• Hands should be at the back of your bottom to ensure that the balance is kept intact and to prevent head injury.
• Then, jump a little higher but controlled twist in the air
• Try swivel your hips
• Lastly, settle your landings by having your hips landed on the trampoline Simple tricks can be challenging too, but do not give up and know more easy tricks that you can work on each day.

Trampoline is fun, especially when you are starting to learn the basic movement one by one. Learning new simple tricks each accomplishment will make you realize that jumping on a trampoline can be helpful in de-stressing.

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