Puppy potty training essentials

Training puppy how to potty is much harder than it seems. Like a small child, puppies are led by their instincts and they do not actually understand what is happening around them. Yet, they tend to absorb every emotion and build their character based on that.

This is actually one of the biggest issues with potty training.

Inexperienced dog owners will think that punishment is a proper course of action. However, this is something that can quickly alienate your dog, making it resentful and mistrustful. On the other hand, you cannot afford yourself not to teach it how to potty.

Potty training is one of the first things puppy will learn and creates basis for any following training. Precisely why it needs to be done properly.

Here are some pointers that will lead you in the right direction.

How to start training your puppy

During the puppy training, you are the one that has to be mature, to take the first step. Consistency is the key. You cannot allow your puppy to relieve itself in home one day and outside the other day.
As dogs learn through experience and habit, you should never send mixed messages.

Besides consistency, you will also require a lot of patience. Dog may relieve itself in house from time to time. When that happens it is crucial to keep calm and collected. You should never physically punish the puppy.

If these two are met, you probably won’t have any issue potty training your puppy.

Things you always have to consider

First of all, dogs have a much smaller bladder than humans and cannot keep things inside as much. This is especially true for smaller dogs. Because of this fact, you need to get accustomed to dog’s routine. Otherwise, even if it tries to warn you that it needs to relieve itself, it may be too late.

Here are some of the things that you always need to know:

• Dogs have a strong urge to urinate in the morning similar to humans. You have to be on your feet and to start the routine on time. You need to be quicker than the dog and take it out on time. Otherwise, dog will simply relieve itself in the house and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

• Do not agitate or excite the dog prior to taking it out. By getting excited, there is a higher chance that the puppy will have to urinate instantly.

• Puppy also has to go out after a midday nap. Similar thing goes: its bladder will get filled and you need to react quickly.

• Make sure to feed your dog at the same time and with same quantity of food. If the dog doesn’t eat the whole portion, make sure to remove it. By making a strict schedule and preventing puppy from continuously eating, it will be easier to predict when it needs to relieve itself.

• After your pet has finished eating, you will have to go out. First, go out 5 to 30 minutes after a meal. Most dogs will pee and poo during this period. If nothing happens, you can start taking the dog out 45 to 60 minutes after its meal.

• If the dog starts scratching, barking or being restless, that is a good indication that it needs to go out. Dog will start “digging” in the floor. This is something that dogs do when it’s really urgent and.

• Lastly, you need to take your dog outside before it goes to sleep. Like humans, its better if dog’s bladder is completely empty.

Always be patient and gently. Praise your dog after a job well done. This is the only way to teach it the right way how to potty.

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