Product Check: Things You Might Need to Know about LifeStation Medical Alert System

Are you planning to have one of those medical alert systems?

Generally, medical alert systems are a new technology that keeps the seniors to get the help that they need by signalling the emergency monitoring centers through a medical alert system device.

One of the reputable medical alert monitoring companies in the industry today is the LifeStation; for more than 40 years, the company has been delivering quality medical alert monitoring services with these following product lines:

•    In-Home Traditional using the standard home landline.
•    In-Home Plus for cellular medical alarm systems with two main devices – the console unit and the help button (either attached as a pendant or wrist band).
•    Mobile with GPS (easy access to emergency monitoring center even when you are not home).
•    Fall Detection (add-on to all systems that will notify the monitoring team when the device user was detected to have an accidental fall). To get into the details about Fall Detection, try reading some posts at this helpful site.

How does it work?

Generally, all medical alerts are designed with the same emergency response flow – it is almost similar to LifeStation’s.

When an emergency had occurred, which may include accidental fall and slip that can be life-threatening and health problems that need urgent attention, the wearer or the user of the device must press the emergency help button. Through this, a signal is sent to the base station (if the alert system device has one) to alert the monitoring center. After a few seconds, a TMA certified emergency care specialist will try to reach the customer either through the device itself or to the landline or to a cellular device. If any attempts of contacting the customer were not successful, the care specialist will immediately contact an emergency service that is near the customer. Then, for an immediate check, the care specialist will also try to contact an authorized neighbor, friend, or a family member who is nearby the patient.

The LifeStation’s emergency response flow is guaranteed on point; this is probably because the company has been doing an excellent job in assisting seniors during critical moments that need immediate medical attention since 1977. If you need to get more assurance with the company’s efficacy when it comes to emergency response, you should read these reliable LifeStation reviews.

Are the services expensive?

The current price of the standard LifeStation in-home medical alert system is at $29.95 per month; however, if you go by quarterly, that’s going to be $27.95 and if billed annually, you are paying $25.95 per month. So, if you want to get the best price for a quality medical alert monitoring, you should consider paying a one-time per year. Check this page out for additional details; anyway, the LifeStation offers a money back guarantee if the customer decided to cancel the service.


LifeStation is one of the reliable medical alert system monitoring companies that you can easily access 24/7. No matter where you are, the LifeStation guarantees their customers a fast emergency response.

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