Latest Popular Dog Toy Designs for Your Pooch

Say goodbye to stuffed animals and those weird chickens that squeak. Your dog needs to get his paws on some interactive toys. From bubble machines to the tennis ball 300, there are many toy designs out there designed with your pooch in mind. With these fun and exciting games, not only the dog but adults and children will have a good time as well. This is an excellent way to bond with your dog.

Dogs can get stressed when you go out without them or get bored with the same old toys. Get some indestructible TufToys that can dispense individual treats or have stimulating, blinking lights. They are designed to entertain dogs and are very popular.

Which toys rank the most interactive and well designed?

The bacon scented bubble machine is high on the list. Bacon is a scent that dogs find hard to resist.
Dogs enjoy pouncing, chasing and trying to eat the bacon scented bubbles. The bubbletastic bubble machine is safe for dogs as well as children to want to get in on the action of a storm of bubbles filling the backyard. They are non-toxic and won’t sting the eyes. The tether tug toy is well suited for energetic dogs. It’s a pole with a rope connected to it. Your dog can jump up to catch the rope and tug as much as he likes. The pole is very flexible and durable and is made to handle all the tugs, yanks and biting teeth.

Also, popular with the pooches are pyramids with a little opening that you can put treats inside. What’s the fun in it? Often one part is weighted so when the dog knocks it over a few treats fall out, but then it will pop back upright again. This will keep your dog entertained for hours trying to figure out how the treats come out. This is pretty suitable for dogs with separation anxiety or who to like to chew everything in sight like chairs and shoes.

Keep your pooch entertained and happy with these fantastic dog toy designs that have become so popular with the pooches and their owners.

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