Impressive Letter Writing: How to Say Thank You to Your Customers

Valuing your customer by providing them better service, quality products, and discounted rates are not the only factors that can help your business increase customer loyalty, but sending them appreciation letters can provide better brand loyalty.

Here are some tips on how to write a thank you letter to your customer in an impressive way:

1.    Know your audience

Who are you giving the letter?

Even though you can make a generic letter, it would be wise and effective if you will create a letter that is close to being formal and personalized. For instance, if you are sending a letter to a company or a business, you need to know how to write a formal letter but in a creative and personalized way.

2.    Why are you thanking them?

You have to have a reason why you are thanking them. Was it because they had been a loyal customer for many years? Or was it because of the positive feedback that you received from them?

3.    Be clear

Writing a thank you letter is not literally saying “thank you”; generally it is thanking the customer for continuous patronage and expecting for continuous customer support for the next couple of years.

Even though you wanted to express that you are hoping for their continuous loyalty, do not steer them away with writing a long and boring letter. Make it clear but creative at the same time.

4.    Always sound sincere

Thank you letter should not always sound business-like; it should be creative, warm, and sincere.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone by saying thank you and promoting new products and services, do not make it sound you are selling one. Convey sincerity by using the right tone and the right choice of word.

5.    Show your brand’s creative side

Avoid being too formal and stop writing generic-like statements. Also to make it more creatively sincere, why not send mail in a different way; this has nothing to do with sending your thank you letter through the local post office or through advertising company, this is something to do with adding art on your letter.

If you think so, try sending your thank you letter using the printed poly mailers. Inspired Mailers offers attractive, elegant, creative, and warm mailers that you can send to your loyal customers. Adding art to your thank you letter is another way to say you are sending them your personal thanks.

6.    Try adding a little humor
Nothing could beat a personalized thank you letter to customers; which is the reason why adding a clever note of saying thank you can create a new image for your brand as a customer-centric business. In fact, there are big companies who are using this clever trick; however, you need to make sure what you are adding does not create misunderstanding.

Wrapping Up
Loyal customers are your ticket to success; so, value them by sending them a personalized, clever, compelling, and artistic thank you letter.

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