Why you need these Top JavaScript Development Companies

It cannot be emphasized enough that building an extraordinary web development team needs an exceptional JavaScript developer. JavaScript has become a paramount part of today’s technological world. Its importance is because, in the World Wide Web, JavaScript is the main scripting language.

Why do you need to get the top names in the JavaScript developing industry? A decade ago JavaScript was not considered an important part of web development. Rather, it was only a good tool in hand for front-end developers. There was no market for good JavaScript developers.

It was only when web software and websites saw a lack of functionality when refreshing a page becomes unresponsive. The web development quickly took a turn with the creation of AJAX. With AJAX, web pages quickly responded as desktop applications when web applications were being created and built.

JavaScript was the core of this tremendous change. Its role as front-end still functioned, but it also became a crucial part of the server-side programming. This is the reason why JavaScript developers have become key members of a web development team.

Today, all major browsers such as FireFox, Google, Safari, and Internet Explorer are all supported by JavaScript. All websites that need to boost up their front-end use JavaScript. The importance of this tool has become synonymous with web development for businesses, enterprises, personal websites, and organizations.

With all this, hiring the top names in the JavaScript Developing industry holds the key to the success of a website or a mobile app. We have a list of vetted JavaScript Developers that has consistently given top services to all their assigned projects.


Reliable, affordable, and exclusive app and web solutions are the services offered by HireWebDeveloper. CakePHP, HTML, Wordpress, Drupal, PHP, Magento, and other popular platforms are meticulously and skillfully worked across by the team of IT professionals from this company. Based in India, HireWebDeveloper is a global company that has serviced more than 13,844 successful projects.


Based in the United States, HTMLPanda has become a synonymous name for a one-stop website development and designing company. Client web application needs have been successfully integrated with the creative visions and technical knowledge that are one-of-a-kind. Top-rate quality along with strong credentials makes the company one of the top names to contend with in the IT industry.

Sparx IT Solutions

User-centric websites that easily engage human traffic is the main goal of Sparx IT Solutions. Located in India, the company offers businesses services to include Big Data Analytics, theming & integration, app development, ecommerce web development, internet marketing, and more. Time is of the essence with Sparx which has always consistently and satisfactorily meet projects on time.


The company boasts of 228 dedicated, skilled, reliable, innovative, and perfectionist team that answers all types of client demands. Successfully launching major companies and brands in more than 90 countries have added a stellar reputation to the company. This is because all projects, big or small, have received the same proficient web solutions to pave their way to success.


Chetaru is in India but has successfully started its global outreach since its inception in 2010. The humble beginnings of only two innovative and technically empowered people have rapidly catapulted the company worldwide since then. Strategies and campaigns are turned into success with the creative ideas and commitment that will always be a part of Chetaru.


What makes MarkupBox different from the rest? It’s the 100% money-back guarantee, that’s what. Customers are given the financial freedom to get their money back from the company if the front-end development work does not meet their expectations. It seems that no customers have made use of this innovative offer with the track record of more than 7200 successful projects the company has under their belt.


Trendsetting ideas and technical solutions for the end-to-end app and web development successfully launched Brainvire globally. Considered by Clutch as one of the top developer names in the industry, Brainvire has successfully completed more than 1300 projects. Businesses and companies across the globe have received digital transformation in all their systems, making them highly competitive in their chosen field.


Bespoke web development and designs are the main focus of VitorCloud. Unique and cutting-edge Web platforms for all types and sizes of enterprises and businesses are expertly and efficiently handled by the company. Since its inception in 2009, VitorCloud has successfully delivered unmatched industry and technological expertise to all their clients.

In closing

One of the most powerful and popular programming languages in the world today is JavaScript. It will continue to remain this way as long as individuals and companies want their web pages to look innovative, trendy, and interactive. The challenge lies in finding the perfect JavaScript developer to expertly handle the project. The list above gives a timely guideline to hire only the best when it comes to JavaScript developers.

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