Ways To Increase The Traffic In My Website And Generate Sales

How to increase the traffic of my website? Any business owner has already asked the question and rather than twice. We will see in this article simple methods to boost the traffic of a website. Only these different solutions may seem trivial but together they can really make a difference in the traffic volume of your website.


Since mobile traffic has outpaced computer traffic, it is no longer acceptable to neglect mobile devices such as phones or tablets. If your site is not mobile friendly, this is really the first improvement you need to make.

Indeed, if we consider that 56% of Internet users who can visit your site will do so via a mobile support, it is strongly recommended to adapt your site for mobile before spending time to increase the traffic of your site if it is not suitable. But make sure you get a proper web hosting company. It's like organizing an open door in your store while everything is still in the boxes and the aisles are poorly organized. Keep in mind that it is more difficult to get people back to your site than to have them come for the first time and that the second visit depends on the experience offered by the first one (by reading this sentence again, I admit may seem complicated but the idea is there).

I insist heavily on this point because I want you to really become aware of the importance of this criterion. When I talk about adapting your site for mobile media, I'm talking about the "responsive design" technology, but also the notion of user experience that I will detail in the next point.


To be totally honest: you must adapt your site for your visitors and not for you. As a user experience specialist, we have the opportunity to see all kinds of websites including online trading sites. Some were designed by web designers who put beautiful images and animations in all directions, others by hard-core programmers who mainly sought to optimize the performance of the site (loading speed, caching CSS files, server optimizations, optimization of modules and source code etc.), still others by SEO specialists who have mainly sought to optimize the content of the site so that the pages get good positions in the search results.

All these practices are good but you must keep in mind that the primary purpose of a site is not to be beautiful, super fast or optimized for search engines. The primary purpose of a site is to convert your visitors into customers! Of course, aesthetics, speed, and SEO are very important points but they must be used to improve the user experience so that they realize exactly the actions you expect from them. If you design your site primarily for visitors and not for you or for Google, I guarantee you that your traffic will grow by itself.


It is very important to encourage your visitors to interact with your website by giving them the opportunity to comment on the content of your pages or to share it on external platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. When I talk about encouraging them to share your content, I do not just mean that your pages must display social sharing buttons. You must explicitly encourage your visitors to give their opinion and to share your articles. At the end of your pages/blog posts, you can write phrases such as "Did you like this article?" Do not hesitate to share it on Facebook or to send it to your friends.


As I explained earlier in this article, increasing the traffic of a website is not just about getting new visitors. Above all, it is important that you seek regular visitors by encouraging them to come back and discover the latest news about your business. For this, nothing better than a newsletter sent on a monthly basis and summarizes your latest activities.

You can talk about the latest publications you have posted on your site, promotional offers of the moment or the latest news about your company. You will create a special relationship with your visitors, encouraging them to stay informed about the life of your site/company. You can use free software such as MailChimp which have the advantage of being very intuitive and efficient.

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