Top Messaging Apps to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Are your private messages really private?

In this post-Snowden era, with so many hacks and leaks around, it almost feels like whatever message you send is going to be exposed by hackers one way or another.

Top messaging apps have recently all been launching end-to-end encryption in an attempt to tighten security and privacy of personal or business data. But with encryption, tensions between law enforcement and major technology firms remains high. With encryption and serverless systems, the government can’t extract information, even when they require it.

What messaging apps should you be using for your privacy?

If your message is sent without encryption, the content of the message may very well be accessible to hackers, advertisers or the government.

To protect yourself from hackers, end-to-end encryption is when only you and the person (group) you send the message to can read it. No one can see inside that message. Not hackers. Not cybercriminals. Not the government. Not even the messaging service.

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Which app will work best for you? We’ve put together a list of the top messaging apps that claim to be the most secure:

Zangi Safe Messenger

Privacy is Zangi’s priority. This is one of the only secure messenger that never stores any of your data on any servers: not your messages, not your communications history. The messenger never monetizes your data, it is fully encrypted and it leaves no traces on the Internet. Zangi Safe messenger is also great for the wallet, consuming up to 6x less data than other messengers.


Former NSA spy Edward Snowden publicly endorsed Signal for its safety. It offers users end-to-end encryption to protect yourself from hackers and is based on open-source code – meaning anyone can verify how it is programmed. With encryption, your conversations or calls cannot be seen by anyone besides the sender and recipient. You also don’t need a login to sign up. Also their whole system is open-source, so if you really want to inspect the code and be ensured that everything is secure, you’re more than welcome to.


One of the most-used apps, in terms of users, Telegram is one of the top messaging apps with a focus on speed and security. The app is free and you can use it on all of your devices at the same time. Your messages can sync seamlessly across any number of your phones or computers. You can also create large groups channels for broadcasting to audiences.


Perhaps not as well-known as WhatsApp or iMessage, Wickr is coming with a big wave for Android and Linux devices. Wickr allows users to communicate freely and securely by sending photos, videos and file attachments. All messages are stored in encrypted forms on users' and recipients’ devices. You also get to  choose your own retention policy for your messages (how long a message is viewable before it is deleted).

To learn more on how to protect yourself from hackers and other snoops, read all about it in this technology blog. And download your secure messenger today to be sure that your communications is always safe and sound.

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