Top 8 Types of Doors You Must Know

When it comes to choosing the garage doors, you need to consider some important attributes like the strength of door, window material, reinforcing property, tensile strength and much more. There are plenty of doors and windows available on the market. Choosing the best doors can be difficult sometimes. If you are still on the fence about choosing the best door, here are the different types of door.

• 1. Timber Garage Doors

The timber wood has long around for years now. It has been used for a variety of applications. Mostly, it is used in manufacturing doors and windows. The most important thing about timber wood is it comes with amazing tensile strength and flexibility. Manufacturing timber wood doors don't require extreme knowledge.

Depending on the budget, you can choose the doors. There are a lot of different varieties of doors are available in the global marketplace. Before choosing the best one, you will have to consider the budget range.  For basic applications and exterior decorations, timber wood door is the best option.

• 2. Battened Door

Battened doors are similar to ledged doors. This traditional door has been on the market for the past few years. The battened door comes with three edges – one at the top, one at the middle, another at the bottom. Mostly, this kind of doors is equipped with vertical battles. This door can be braced to bring the more charming look to your home. It can be used for bathroom and toilets. 

• 3. Framed Doors

For fully furnished and luxurious house, framed doors are the best option.  The framed doors are designed with a variety of material such as block board, hardboard, timber, plywood, etc. The framed door is well known as paneled door and glazed door.

• 4. Flush Doors

The frames of flush doors are made of steel and wood. It has a high percentage of tensile strength, thus makes it easier to hold huge weight. The frames flush doors are manufactured in traditional way. The inner face of flush doors is made of stainless steel to incorporate strong protection against rain and rust. So, you can easily incorporate this flush door at you home without any hassle.

• 5. Fiber Glass doors

The best part of a fiberglass door is it can perfectly match any type of architecture. Fiberglass is one of the most effective glasses. It has a high percentage of tensile strength, thus it gives good protection against rust and summer. The glass fiber is generally used in the manufacture of products like doors, windows, bathtub etc.

It does not require huge maintenance cost. So, you can choose the best one at an affordable rate. As these are very strong, you cannot twist and wrap the glass. It has excellent insulation property. It is used in a wide variety of applications from the toilet to the bathroom for interior applications. The fiberglass can be painted for a more charming look.

• 6.  Glass doors

It is not surprising that glass can be used for a variety of applications. But, glass doors are applicable in specific locations only. Mostly, people who live in the metropolitan city prefer glass doors. This glass door will let you see the full view of a garden and backyard.

But, when it comes to privacy, glass doors are not the best option. The glass doors are specially designed to attract the customers. You need to spend huge maintenance cost.  So, keep all these things before purchasing the glass door.

• 7. PVC doors

PVC doors are the product of polyvinyl chloride, which is a popular plastic material that can be used in the manufacture of a variety of products like pipes, fittings, water tanks etc. It can be used for interior products. It is generally used for the manufacture of stylish windows and doors. Mostly, it comes with a different variety of themes, shape, and color. Choosing the PVC doors with good design can be extremely easy these days

• 8 Garage doors

Garage doors are one of the most common doors today. The garage door comes with a variety of combinations of color, type, and size. On top of that, garage doors are durable, termite, lightweight and anti-corrosive. As it is more economical, you can get these at an affordable rate.

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Panel door comes in a wide variety of designs. The art of creating garage doors are not extremely easy these days. However, installing garage doors can be really easy. All you need to do is choose the Panel lift garage doors Melbourne

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