Three essential accessories for PlayStation 4

Leaving aside virtual reality glasses, there are three accessories for PlayStation 4 that can not miss in your collection to maximize the possibilities of the Sony console. It is a command, a headset and a camera, three inseparable companions of both the original PS4 and the expected PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

The first console with the ability to play 4K will hit the market this November 10. PlayStation 4 Pro was announced just a few months ago, winning a race that Scorpio is still far from starting. But is it worth replacing your console? Is the PlayStation 4 Pro the most powerful machine in today's video game market? The specialized media around the world have already given their verdict.

The first units of PS4 Pro are beginning to arrive in the face of their final analysis and it is worth knowing some more pragmatic details: what type of command does it include? What are the differences with respect to the normal PS4? Do the same cables serve me?

DualShock 4
It will be sold together with the new consoles and also separately. It comes equipped with a thin light bar on the top of the TouchPad, allowing the player to know what color the LED bar on the remote control has. Supports USB and Bluetooth communication to avoid interference between different units.The new DualShock control has a price of 59 dollars.

Platinum Wireless Headset

Very similar to the Wireless Stereo 2.0, these headphones can be the perfect complement to the PlayStation VR. They offer improved immersive audio and a wider range of low and high frequencies. In addition, they come with 7.1 virtual surround sound and include a noise-canceling microphone. They weigh 320 grams, carry a rechargeable battery and communicate by radio frequency at 2.4 GHz with any PS4 console. The Platinum Wireless Headset headphones are priced at 180 dollars.

PlayStation Camera
With a successful cylindrical design and with all the features of its predecessor, the new camera will be even more compatible with the glasses/helmet PS VR. Its support helps to adjust the angle of the camera when we place it on a flat television. Supports a frame rate of 60 fps video at 1,280 x 800 pixels as maximum resolution, equips double lens with a field of vision of 85 o and has a four-channel microphone. The new PS Camera has a price of 59 dollars.

If you are thinking of doing it with her, you will want to take advantage of the occasion and prepare yourself with all kinds of useful accessories that ensure a gaming experience, not only more comfortable but also immersive. To give you ideas and even facilitate the task of wasting your time searching the internet, we offer you a complete list of those 10 accessories that are essential to play on PlayStation 4 Pro.

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony's most advanced console model, many of you will be wondering what are the best accessories you can buy for this new gaming console. You check out this site gamer side has come back to the surface. And now is a great time to buy them.

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