The 4 Challenges You Might Face When Making Your Baby's First Road Trip

It doesn't matter if you're taking a road trip with a newborn baby or an older child: you're going to run into challenges no matter what. I'm really passionate about doing car trips with kids, and I think this is something that can be done regularly. Indeed you don’t want to miss all those beautiful experiences where your kid can interact with different people, foods and see different places. Indeed, travel helps young kids with trying new things and saying “yes” to new experiences.
According to Troy Bui, inventor of the world’s first weighted lap pad for car travels, “travel is an enriching experience for kids. Infants can get quite uncomfortable during a road trip, but the latest technology can help make their journey safe, calm and pleasant.”

I’m presenting on here four challenges you might face when taking a road trip with a child, as well as tips to overcome difficulties and prevent possible problems during your travel.

When you travel with a baby, everything goes super slowly. You need to set your expectations for what you can actually see and what you can explore in one day; with kids, you have to do much less. If you are like me, and you want to see everything once arrived at a new destination, or at least as much as you can, that might be a challenge when traveling with a baby. In this case, you might want to extend your stay of a few more days compared to what you would have been planned when you didn’t have a baby to carry around The Odyssey Online. So, if before traveling with a baby you would plan to stay in a certain place for a day when you are with a baby, you might want to decide to stay two or three days in order to see the same amount of things you did before. You also will need to include some days for complete rest for you and your baby, as well as some time for family hang-outs. Thus, setting your expectations lower for what you're actually going to see is very important.

Jet lag
If you and your baby are affected by jet lag, it will take as much as three or four days to just adjust. Now, keep in mind that if you have organized your trip with short stays – let’s say 4 or 5 days – between countries really far apart, you will be spending almost the same amount of time adjusting to jet lag, getting completely exhausted from the trip. Babies are also affected differently by jet lag, depending on their personality. If your baby is a very schedule-oriented baby, it is very likely that he/she will be affected more. In any case, jet lag is something you should keep in mind when traveling, taking all possible measures to try to minimize its effects as much as you can.

Keep your baby busy
As every mother has experienced, some days, your baby just sleeps in the car without any issue, but some other days he/she simply doesn't want to go to sleep . Of course, when you’re traveling by car unlike when you’re flying, this situation can get worse because when you travel you will have to deal with noises around such as trucks, loud people or scooters rather than being settled all the time in a quiet place. Also, you need to set a system where you arrange your car travel breaks and everything according to your baby's nap time and your activities are based on your baby activities as well. But when your baby can’t sleep in the car, it is likely that he/she will get bored, and that’s why it is really advisable to keep her/him comfortable and busy during the trip. A good idea is to bring a tablet showing your kid cartoons or games, so make sure you have downloaded these before getting into the car as connection might not be available all the time, and of course, make sure you have a device fully charged.

“Travelling with a baby” and “light traveling”, meaning traveling with little equipment to carry around in most cases is a contradiction in terms. It is difficult to travel with a few things when you will have to deal with hauling around car seats, strollers, and baby carriers.  It is a good idea to put together a complete packing list of what you want to put in your car before you travel so that you don't have to think of everything and remember everything every time. When planning, you should also keep in mind the weather at the place you are going to; when you travel with a baby, weather plays a big role, so if it's colder or if it's warmer will require additional planning and adjustment. Destinations that are too cold or too hot might cause a lot of struggles related to the things you should keep with you and sleep.

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