Testing Your Remote Viewing Skills

Remote viewing is an exercise in detecting exposure in remote or invisible locations using extra sensory perception (ESP) or mental perception. The form of mental abilities is very common among people. If you focus further on the object or viewer, you can see a scene hundreds or thousands of miles away, see details of objects there, and locate hidden places. Business have been using remote viewing for predicting the stock market, governments have been using remote viewing for finding suspects, finding treasure, and people for the good and bad of mankind.

5 Remote Viewing Techniques
1) Make Your Mind Blank
The first step in this testing process is to learn to clear your head. This usually means that you should remove as many thoughts, images and perceptions as possible that belong to your consciousness. Of course, you cannot make your mind very clear. You hear your breath. The picture that the boss slips in front of you. The dog barks. If you practice this for weeks or months, you will be very experienced. This is a big part of meditation. Now relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply and keep your mind clear. Please wait five minutes before proceeding. You have a black window in your head that you can see. This is a window to see in the distance. Remote View the Targets

2)  Plan some simple experiments.

For example, import a wizard that puts a photo or note with a simple message or symbol into an envelope. Whatever you choose, whatever you choose, do not show what you are doing or what you are doing to ensure the success of your experiment. Another experiment may send a stream to another room or even outside the house or building. Take them anywhere and do simple rituals or daily life. If you do not get help, focus on the time of a particular place and view it later. Let the information come to you, as the information starts to come to you, it may not always be rational. Sometimes your own personal way of interpreting what you don’t understand may get in the way. Do not try to understand the process; simply allow the data to come to you. It’s now time to enter into deep meditation. You can use different methods to gain a connection or deeper look into your target. For example, you can imagine looking through a magnifying glass with your target on the other side. You could also imagine looking through a window and viewing your target on the outside. In this trance like state, pick up your pen and paper and start jotting down the first thing that comes to mind. Do not think, just put down what is going on in your mind. Start writing, drawing or recording your impressions. No matter how strange they might be, don’t stop the flow of information and keep going as you perceive whatever comes.

3) Add to the data
For example, you can use the previously used method to use dough to create a three-dimensional image so that you can add new ideas. Writing or drawing until ready. Collected additional information complements your previous experience. There should be no initial idea of what you can see from afar. You can record all the impressions and interpret the information when you think about what you initially felt. Even if it is dirty, it can be understood.

4) Repeat the cycle

There is the first wave of information, but now it's time to repeat the experiment to do what you already have. You can also use other methods, such as creating a three-dimensional model of your choice using Play dough or another tactile environment (such as paper or wire). Images continue to make more sense.

5) Final Thoughts

Remote viewing can be an interesting concept for those who want to learn. But it is not only a matter of time, but also in time. You could even your remote viewing skills to earn a living. There are jobs for remote viewers you might be surprised to learn about.

Final Tips for improving Extrasensory Perception during remote viewing sessions:

1. Meditate every day for at least 10 – 15 minutes.
2.  Develop clairvoyance with flower visualization.
3. Take a walk in nature
4. Keep a dream journal.
5. Eat high-vibrational foods.
6. Keep your vibration high.
7. Focus on your third eye.

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