SEOquake: A Plugin That Has Become the Go-to Option to Analyze your Competitors

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In order for your website to thrive, it is crucial to analyze your competition to either be up-to-par or way ahead of it. Many website owners opt to hire the services of SEO experts to aid them in this area, but why spend meaningful sums if you can do it all on your own without having to spend a penny?

SEO Quake: A Plugin Tool That Has Become the Go-to Option

There are several SEO tools on the market that can analyze the competition. SEOquake, in particular, is a plugin tool developed by experts that have been able to stand out due to its innovative structure, effective results, and for it being 100% free to use.

It works straight from your Chrome browser. It has already been able to garner numerous positive reviews on different online platforms from consumers who have already put it to good use, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to change anytime soon, as they keep pouring in on a daily basis. It has already been downloaded by more than 300,000 individuals around the globe!

Noteworthy Features

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SEO Quake allows you to analyze keyword density, estimate keyword difficulty, set parameters for every search query, check for mobile compatibility, configure a stop-word list, create a custom set of default parameters, backlinks count (external and internal), analyze indexed pages on Google, compare URLs and domains in real time, export all data into a file, and analyze variety of different on-page factors, including alt tags for images, meta descriptions, heading titles, title, and many other elements, too.

The SEObar can be adjusted to your preferences, as well as be switched off completely when you please. If you do not like extra bars in your browser, there is the SEO dashboard. It provides a brief SEO overview, including backlinks, page, and domain details. You can obtain a thorough analysis of SERPs and opt to export results in CSV format.

You can switch between reliable data sources and types, including social media elements like Facebook likes and Tweets. When it comes to keyword analysis, you will be able to obtain a report that is both detailed and simply structured. It will have all the keywords of the page you decided to investigate. Utilizing the powerful filters that accompany this tool, you can visualize data in the keywords cloud and narrow down a search.

Developed with Everybody in Mind

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an expert in the SEO field in order to take advantage of this tool. With nothing but solely your Chrome browser, you can conduct a thorough SEO analysis of any website that you want.

You will always obtain a real-time and simple to analyze SEO audit that will help you identify and fix a variety of different optimization matters that often tend to occur with search engines.

Help Available

Since this free plugin comes accompanied by numerous functions and features, there is a user guide available on it in order for you to learn how to utilize them. Unlike other similar plugins that are on the market, this one allows you to configure your needs. If you are having an issue with it, there is a go-to troubleshooting page to get you back on track in a timely fashion manner.

How to install SEO Quake

Simple and Fast Installation

The installation of this plugin for Chrome browser is very simple. All you have to do is go to the official website of the plugin then click on ‘Install SEOquake.’ This option is for those individuals who already have a Chrome browser, like you. Click ‘save’ and then you will then click on ‘run’ when it has finished saving. It is just as easy to download as it is to use.

You can also install it from Chrome Web Store:

Help Your Website Thrive Like There Is No Tomorrow

As you can conclude, the SEOquake is the go-to option to be on top of your competition, as it will make a full SEO analysis of your competitors’ websites. Since it is 100% free, if you stop to think it, you have nothing to lose... just a lot of knowledge to gain to help your website thrive like never before.

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