Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in the workplace

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls comprise majority of general industry accidents. Statistics revealed that 15% of all accidental deaths are caused by slips, trips and falls in the workplace/ Furthermore, it has been one of the most frequently reported injuries, making up 25% of reported claims in a year.

Both employers and employees are continually devastated by sprains, strains, bruises, fractures, lacerations, and even death, caused by these injuries’ plus substantial costs that are incurred. Safety risks are inevitable in every work place as each one has its own dangerous areas sp employers and employees must be updated through communication and health messages.

Slip Fall Safety Solutions tips are always welcome measures that can help keep work place safer. This hazard does not account for any immunity. There will always be slips on wet or highly polished floors, trips due to a floor obstacle or uneven surface and falls from the same level or a lower level which is reality everyday life if precautions are not taken.

Consider the following safety measures:

1. Proper lighting – Lighting is essential for safety, make sure walkways, stairs and work areas are properly lit.

2. Insure safety in stairs and railways; they must be in good condition. Avoid using sta9rs or walkways in dark places as in the storage areas.

3. Install slip-resistant floors on areas that are dangerous and place markings on floor elevations. Keep all aisles and walkways clear of any clutter and in good condition.

4. Clean and prevent any spills of liquids, oils and other materials on the floor.

5. Make housekeeping top priority by keeping working areas clean, dry and free from clutter. Make sure that there are no loose cords, cables and wires on the floor. Check if mats and rugs are anchored down and in proper condition.

6. Inspect all ladders for defects and never allow defective ladders to be used. Never place ladders in door fronts to block the area.

7. Practice safety measures all the time: wear proper personal protection. Do not walk with load on your arms covering visibility. Do not jump off decks, ladders, trucks and stairs. Be attentive of your surroundings. By means of proper training, good housekeeping and hazard communication in safety, the dangers of slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace can be managed and prevented. If you have been injured in a fall down accident, contact an experienced Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer.

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