The New Extreme Sport to Lookout For

In our city we are pretty familiar with skateboarding and bmx bikes. You can see kids ripping and cruising through Charles County Skatepark. Hanging out at the skatepark is a great way to stay in touch with kids and what they're interested in. Taking it all in the other day I learned of this new trend in extreme sports. Stunt scooter riding just like skateboarding has various tricks, riding styles and cool kids doing it.

I did a little research and Rolling stone seems to think that scooter riding is the spot of choice when it comes to millenials. I spoke with a few of the older guys riding scooters and asked them what made a scooter good for riding or not so good. It seemed to be a consensus that you didn't want Razor that's the only brand I knew at the time but you want better brands like Envy, Ethic or Fuzion (these are the kinds of scooters they were riding). You can find these brands and more at

What I also noticed and loved is how young someone can start scooter riding. With skateboards and bmx there is an amount of time you need to learn to balance just to get around but the simplicity of the scooter cuts that time in half letting kids get right to the fun stuff tricks. Although it's a fun activity it's important to know that scooters can be dangerous I saw a scooter fly out from under one guy and almost take out a skateboarder. If you allow your kids to start scooter riding, make sure they have the proper safety gear at least a helmet and knee pads.

I think scooters are the cool new thing in our community! It's a great alternative to team sports for kids who just don't accelerate at them. Basketball can be tough to break through and no one wants to sit on the bench all day. Football is great but with all the concussion concerns I see more and more parents pulling their kids out. Scooters seem to be the perfect middle group edgy but not too edgy, dangerous but not too dangerous and cool but not too cool. The more of our kids that jump in the merrier.

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