The 6 benefits of running for the body and mind

Running is still fashionable and experts do not stop remembering the advantages of health and beauty that this sport entails. Alone or accompanied, in town or on the mountain, these are the ten benefits that running to the body brings: 

1.- It allows to lose and control the weight. It is the first objective that is sought to achieve with the practice of exercise and running allows it, because being an aerobic activity allows increasing the caloric expenditure throughout the day. This is essential if you want to lose pounds or simply keep them at bay, always complementing it with a diet that responds to interests: lose weight or keep it off.

2.- Fight against cellulite. Eliminating it completely is one of the wishes of many women, but also impossible. However, the practice of going out to run allows to reduce the percentage of fat in the whole body and, therefore, the accumulation of cellulite in the area of the hips in the case of women.

3.- It helps to regenerate muscle mass. With this exercise toning not only the legs, but also buttocks and even abdomen, back and arms - due to the balance that is made to maintain balance. Therefore, professionals say that, after swimming, is one of the complete sports and where you work more muscles.

4.- Strengthens the bones. Experts recommend that impact exercises be performed to avoid osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Running is a good method because it improves and increases the density of the bones. In order for the result to be optimal, this must be completed with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, the molecule responsible for fixing it in the skeleton.

5.- Combat stress and anxiety. The practice of exercise in general also has benefits at the mental level since its implementation incites the segregation of endorphins, known colloquially as the hormones of happiness. Therefore, running is also a good option to reduce nervous conditions.

6.- Help to rest. Closely related to the previous point, playing sports relaxes the body and mind due to the segregation of endorphins. This, added to the fatigue that results from the session, is the best ally to conciliate a deep sleep and to ensure good rest.

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