Paragliding Safety Tips for a Beginner

Despite being immensely exhilarating paragliding is comparatively safe than other air sports, however, it’s always pragmatic to take proper precautions beforehand. Like any other aviation sports, the safety of the glider remains on his careful attitude. Always stick to the safety guidelines mentioned by the instructors during the practice session. However, before you dive to practice, it’s always important to hold meticulous knowledge of the equipment and the procedures.

The best way to go to an open field with the gliders and hone your ground handling, it’s highly important to attend the beginner’s class even if you have watched those online videos or read those blogs with comprehensive details of the paragliding process again and again. The learners will be enlightened of adequate theory regarding the sports, it may sound quite intimidating but the learning curve is not much steep.

Things to Note When You are about to Go for Paragliding

•         Accessibility & visibility are the prime factors that must be taken into consideration while selecting a good paragliding site. Rough and uneven landings may lead to bone fracture; this may also increase the danger of turbulence, hence for the beginners it’s always advisable to embark with lower heights. You can opt to visit the paragliding spot with visible wind indicators in order to get a clear picture of the landing area.

•         Another thing that can be a major constraint to deal with even for paragliding aficionados with years of experience is bad weather. Choose the season that is appropriate to take the plunge and relish the thrill of paragliding. Never forget to check the weather forecast on a reliable source because if the weather is favorable you can enjoy long hours of flight, otherwise it may thwart you back. Wind is one of the crucial factors that can be instrumental or obstructive as straight and strong wind can turn to be devastating.

•         Make sure you have invested on the right gears; make sure the paraglider is designed to recover rapidly in time of glider collapse. Inspect the gears thoroughly every time before you fly to avoid any risk of mishaps stemming from equipment malfunction.

When you want to stay away from the hassle of learning the art of paragliding, it’s better to opt for tandem paragliding where you can fly along with the instructor who will be on the charge of maneuvering it. However, if you choose to learn then once the paraglider is airborne, the instructor will explain you the control mechanism.

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