Madrid Back To Normal With The Tactical Changes

Cristiano Ronaldo's decision to pass up the chance of a hat-trick and let Karim Benzema complete the 4-0 win over Alaves drew praise from Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane. The form of real madrid has improved just because of their tactics.

First up the tactics used earlier was 4-3-3 to which the team were down sticking with the formation throughout the 2016-17 tenure at Real Madrid.  When chasing leads Zizou was comfortable even switching to a 4-4-2 with Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema as two strikers or usually switching gear to a 4-2-3-1 with Isco being brought on usually for custom arrow inverting that pyramid and getting an attacking midfielder in the crucial area in front of the back for.

Going back to the game against Villareal down making that change and Real Madrid going from two goals down to winning the game 3-2 fantastic management from zinedine zidane. In terms of their style of play Madrid can be described as a patient 4-3-3. Patient with the ball but also a patient without the ball. With the ball Real would like to dominate their opponents outside the area using Modric and Tony Kroos’s vision and passing skill to switch the ball from side to side looking for those opportunities. Finding the fullback through to create a crossing opportunity with a front three narrowing, the fullback getting the ball into the box with three attackers in that penalty area for the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo to get the job done. Behind the opponent cut the ball back to his pal Benzema or obviously Gareth Bale but anyway they’re very patient in that final third and wait for opponent to be drawn out and make that mistake. With Toni Kroos and Modric passing it in that final third along with Casemeiro as well. He's been stepping up and recently playing some very incisive passes from defensive midfield but also patient without the ball. When Real Madrid lose the ball they do look to exert a first line of pressure usually with their central midfielders providing that press similar to how Chelsea did under Mourinho in 2004 and 2005. They used to press quite centrally like into sort of Luis Van Gaal's Manchester United and now they press quite effectively with the two central midfielders usually going up to support the striker. If the press is beaten, those you drop back deep into their own half and create a 4-5-1 this is where the patience comes in defence.

This was a quick look at the previous season but what troubles Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane as well as their fans this season is primarily the defence that Real Madrid is displaying. Any team can score a goal against them. It was never as easy to snatch a goal from Real Madrid’s defence as it has become now.

It can be clearly seen that the 4-3-3 tactics have been replaced with 4-1-2-3 where Keylor Navas at the G.K. position with Sergio Ramos and Varane taking care of the central defence, Marcelo and Dani Carvajal look after the wing back positions. Casemeiro holding the CDM position, Kroos and Modric playing ahead of Casemeiro providing Ronaldo and Benzema on the attack. Nacho, Theo, and Achraf on the bench are quite effective replacements in the defence. Kovacic, Isco, Bale, Asensio and Vasquez come up to replace the midfielders and wingers.

It has been a quite tough experiment by the French Manager and seem to have a low success rate specially in La LIga. The team has lost important matches this season bringing a lot of disappointments to the fans and ofcourse the Board of Directors. They dropped points against teams like Barcelona, Real Betis, Leganes, Levante and Girona in the Spanish League and lost to Spurs in the Champions League Group Stage. Although they’re through to the knockout stage of the UCL and have won the first leg against PSG in Santiago Bernabeau but they still lie 14 points shy of Barcelona having played 24 matches.

The main problem with current Real Madrid tactics is that it demands the wing backs to come forward to set up attacks. This is the reason you will find Marcelo and Carvajal ahead of Modric and Kroos and that definitely affects the defence and puts all the pressure on Sergio Ramos and Varane making the defence very laggy. Due to Ronaldo’s out of form performance Real is finding it hard to snatch away goals from the opposition. Asensio and Vasquez display consistent performance in almost every match they play and deliver most of the balls in to the box for Benzema and Ronaldo.

The only player that can set right wing on fire for Madrid is Gareth Bale but he is not allotted with much of playing time. There is no doubt his talent and the way he dribbles past the defenders is extra ordinary but he is so prone to injuries that Zidane is still not confident enough to make him play for full 90 minutes. His injuries last for so long that it directly affects his performance and ultimately his career at Real Madrid. His disrupted gastrocnemius muscle makes it much difficult to give hi best in the field. He has been out for almost 140 days and missed more than 30 matches just because of the calf injuries.

Currently Madrid is on a great run and they wish to go ahead with the same intensity and form so as to be a strong contender for their consecutive third and the only Champions League Trophy  this season because they’re out of the Copa Del Rey and La Liga is almost over for them as competition.

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