How much muscle can you gain naturally with bodybuilding

When doing weight training, it is normal to wonder how much muscle one can gain and how long.

Knowing your muscle growth capabilities allows you to set realistic goals, so you do not have a bad surprise and avoid losing your motivation.

Because if you have for idol professional bodybuilders and you hope someday to look like them, I advise you to close the page and go find your happiness on other specialized sites on the subject.

You have to realize that a 130kg bodybuilder, with veins coming out from all sides and muscles inflated like helium balloons, does not just eat steaks and rice.

The vast majority of pros bodybuilders and even fitness models who make the covers of sites and magazines and who are the emblems of food supplement brands, take steroids or supplements of growth hormones and testosterone and even others supplements even more harmful to health.

5 factors that can affect your muscle growth

1- Your experience in bodybuilding

Depending on the number of years you practice bodybuilding, you will gain muscle more or less quickly. Visit to get more information.

2- Your hormonal profile

The amount of testosterone, growth hormone and other muscle building hormones can vary depending on your type of training and your diet, or simply because of your endocrine system that may not produce enough hormone.

3- Your muscle memory

If your body weight is 90 kg with good muscle mass and you decide to train for a marathon, you will probably lose 10 to 15 pounds of muscle.

The advantage is that it will take you little time to regain these muscles through the muscle memory of your body.

4- Complements

Supplements like steroids or other potentially harmful and illegal ones can help you build muscle mass quickly.

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