Healthy Hockey

Field hockey is the perfect fast-paced sport to fulfil both your competitive side and your exercise requirements. It’s an exciting team activity you can play with friends for fun or take much more seriously in league competition. There are numerous health benefits to playing hockey, both ice and field, but here we’ll look at the top benefits of getting involved in field hockey:

Build Muscle

If you’re looking to get stronger as well as fitter, hockey provides great strength training too. The core and leg muscles are the main focus of this workout. You’ll be able to strengthen muscles in these areas and improve your athletic stamina and performance.

Cardiovascular Workout

Hockey is great cardiovascular exercise, whether it’s skating on ice or running on grass. The sport is an example of high intensity interval training, where shorts bursts of high activity are followed by periods of calm. This type of training provides greater cardio benefits and burns more calories.

Weight Management

Field hockey is the perfect activity for reducing excess amounts of body fat. The short bursts of high intensity activity improve your metabolism and make the burning of calories more effective. Approximately 0.061 calories are burned per pound of weight, every minute whilst playing hockey.

Balance and Co-ordination

As it’s such a fast-paced game, quick reactions are a must. The ball travels quickly and players must track it, receive it and pass it, all in a matter of seconds. The more these skills are practised, things like hand-eye co-ordination, balance, agility and reactions all improve.A Field hockey training drills video can improve all these skills. Why not take a look at the Field hockey training drill videos from

Better Breathing

Due to hockey’s effect on the cardiovascular system, the constant demand on muscles and energy leads to a strengthening and developing of the system. Basically, the whole system becomes more effective at getting oxygen into the blood, thus improving things like breathing and cell function.


Of course, the more you play with a team, the better you become at reading people, communicating and sharing. Playing with 11 other people provides a great opportunity to work together successfully to achieve something. This is a skill that benefits an individual whether they’re playing sport, at work, school or in the community.

Mental Strength

It’s no secret that exercise improves people’s moods thanks to the release of endorphins. Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression are all lessened with regular exercise. Hockey is also a thinking game where you need to make quick decisions and apply strategies. The more experience you get doing this, the more it can benefit you’re your personal and professional life.

Better Communication

Anyone who plays hockey will tell you that it involves a lot of communication. Whether this is verbal or non-verbal, through the use of gestures or eye contact, playing hockey will improve your speed and communication in a fast-paced environment. The better your team communicates, the better their chances of winning.

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