Do you know how to aim with a gun? The US Secret Service tells you how to do it

Precisely firing a short weapon is a much more complicated task than at first many might think. Knowing how to correctly align the aiming elements and focus the vision in the exact point is a key element to be able to hit the center of the target. This explanatory image, disseminated by the Secret Service of the United States, helps us graphically to understand how to do it.

The precision shot with a short weapon is one of the most complex disciplines in firearms handling. The shooter must learn to "stop" the weapon after each shot, to avoid and control the trigger (pull the trigger), to shoot if possible with both eyes open ... and of course, to correctly focus the boost and the point of look at your gun or revolver in conjunction with the target on which we intend to hit.

Mastering all this technique of shooting is not learned from one day to the next and usually involves many hours of training and much ammunition spent on the road. Now, thanks to graphics like this one elaborated by the James J. Rowley Training Center (JJRTC), belonging to the American Secret Service, we can save ourselves a good distance on our way to the desired 10.

As shown in the aforementioned image, there are 3 ways to aim with our short weapon against a competition target. 2 of them are incorrect, and if we execute them, they will surely lead us to make an error:

- 1st wrong way to aim: when the shooter focuses and focuses his vision only on the target. In this case, the white is perfectly appreciated, distinguishing the concentric circles of the score. However, the aiming elements are completely lost in a blurred and totally out of focus vision.

- 2nd wrong way to aim: when the shooter focuses and focuses his vision on the rear rise of his weapon. In this case, the one that appears completely out of focus is the target, since the eyes of the shooter are focused only on focusing the two points of the rear rise-

But there is also a correct way of aiming: when the shooter focuses and focuses his vision on the front sight, leaving half focus on the rear lift and the target in the background. In this way, the shooter manages to "put" or align in the same point all the aiming elements: the two sights (front and rear) and the objective. As can be seen in the image, the points of the rear lift and the target are slightly blurred, but visible. This is the key and the exact point to reach.

As we say, pointing correctly can seem a priori a simple task, although in reality, it is not so much. It is necessary to practice and especially to train in dry to accustom our eyes and our brain to this type of approach, which is what will help us achieve high scores and accurate shots.

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