Betting For a Living is Work

Making money gambling is tough. Wanting to win is not enough; you must be
dedicated to winning. You must be a motivated self-starter willing to work on your own time without an outside force encouraging you. It is not easy getting motivated on a daily basis. My estimate is that less than 1% of people who try to make a living gambling are actually successful within two years.

SportsGambler says that good thing about sports betting is that you do not have to do it full time to succeed. 
You can hold a regular job and spend your extra time on analysis and betting. If you concentrate on one segment of sports betting (such as one conference in college basketball), then betting sports does not have to consume 40 hours a week. Here are some qualities you need to succeed:


Whether it is math skills, street smarts or intuitive logic, you need talent to succeed.

Managing finances

You must understand the right amount to bet per game given your bankroll. If
starting off on a good streak causes you to overestimate your true skill, you might soon be playing too big for your bankroll. When the inevitable losing streaks hits, as it always does for everyone, your bankroll may not be able to handle the negative deviation if your bets are too big. If you know how to manage your bankroll and understand the risks you are taking, you can better handle the negative swings.

You can’t be a successful sports bettor if you have a gambling problem. Problem gamblers bet more than they can afford to lose. Whether it is in one game or in a series of games, they extend their bankrolls to the limit and sometimes beyond.

In order to succeed in sports betting, you must be able to control yourself and bet within the limits of your bankroll.

Motivation after winning

When on a winning streak, it is easy to get complacent and take unscheduled
days off. Are you going to be motivated to find the edge in a small bet after raking in a huge win? Are you willing to continue to grind it out on a daily basis after hitting a jackpot? If not, you will have problems motivating yourself after wins.

Motivation after losing

When on a losing streak, it is easy to stay in bed all day feeling sorry for your-
self for suffering the bad beats. Why bother spending hours working on a database or walking in the Las Vegas heat when it seems you keep losing on silly last-second plays? Are you going to be motivated to gain small edges in wagers even after losing a few of them in a row?

Willingness to study

Winning sports bettors have to analyze, study and think about the games as
they evolve. Line makers and other sports bettors are quick to adapt to changes, so you must keep pace or better yet, stay one step ahead of them. 

Persistence and physical endurance

Gambling is not the easy life that many think it is. For the Las Vegas bettor, it
can mean walking 10 miles a day from sportsbook to sportsbook in 100-degree heat.

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