5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Table Tennis Table

Sports have become the essential part of our life. It is necessary to enjoy indoor and outdoor games along with work. If you are passionate about the game of table tennis and looking to buy a table tennis table, make sure you keep certain things in your mind. A little awareness can help you avoid disappointment after the purchase.

Let us know about the five considerable things while choosing a Table Tennis Table:

1. The feature of portability

It is essential to decide whether you wish to fix your table tennis table permanently or want to change the place frequently. If you do not have a permanent space arrangement and is required to move every now and then, it is better to consider the portability. You can easily get a fold-able set which can be easily handled by a single player. A good roller table has stoppers in the legs to fix it and avoid movement while enjoying the game.

2. Strong and nice legs

A Ping-Pong Table is purchased for long time use. It is but obvious that it is going to experience a good amount of beating over the time. Hence, ensure the table set has nice and strong legs. It will help you take the pleasure of worry-free games. Never buy a table tennis table in haste as it may end in dissatisfaction.

3. Know the size dimension

It is highly recommended to keep in mind the size of the table and the net used to decide the space required for the comfortable play. The net size is 6 feet long and 6 inches height while the dimension of a table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2 feet 6 inches height.

4. Room size and leg levelers

Now, once you have the awareness of dimensions and size of a Ping-Pong Table you can calculate the room size you may need for the disturbance-free practice and matches. Today there are many different types of table tennis available in the market.

A player can choose the best-suited set of table tennis table. Also, check the leg levelers at the bottom of table tennis legs. It can be fixed easily and used in the outdoors with non-leveled ground areas. It can help you keep the Ping-Pong Table 30 inches above the floor as per the game standard.

5. The net

A net with soft covering grip attachments is preferable to avoid scratches on the table surface. The met clamps should be used smartly. Players must ensure that the clamps used don’t dig underside of the table or into the surface. Also, while taking the net out or putting it on, do not drag the net clamps.

The best outdoor table tennis tables comes in good quality. It features rustproof and waterproof legs and support; metallic wood surface; opaque plastic cover to prevent the table tennis table from warping and fading in the sun. Thus, you can choose your preferred from the wide option of indoor and outdoor Table Tennis Table.

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