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  1. Post added by julia_Gomes17 Oct
    Exciting game with many exciting bonuses and many other offers too

    Piker games are very famous from many ages and generations too and this game is still famous in present generation also.These games are highly popular and very much famous all... (more)

  2. Post added by avita16 Oct
    Four Things to Consider When Buying a Badminton Racket

    When playing a game of Badminton, your racket can determine if you’ll win or lose. Here in India, the badminton racket has been described as the most important equipment... (more)

  3. Post added by Terry Godier14 Oct
    What Standard of Care Do Racehorses Require to Remain Fit?

    Taking care of the racing horses is not a simple task as it includes lots of care and experience of the owner or the jockey. The racehorses are typically picked up from the flock b... (more)

  4. Post added by Chui Mui07 Oct
    Blockchain Lottery to End a 300 Billion USD Monopoly


    The millennia-old lottery market is about to get disrupted worldwide. For ages, lotteries were never transparent and tended to be operated by monopolies, with... (more)

  5. Post added by bravo06 Oct
    The World's most followed sports handicapping service

    In general, the sports handicapping field is such that, they offer no money back guarantee. Like, if they lose the pick, the handicapper does not take the slightest responsibility... (more)

  6. Post added by bravo05 Oct

    “When you play game of thrones you win or you die” - George R.R. Martin

    Hello Brotherhood Without Banners! Maybe, there is no one particular name for the Gam... (more)