Tips to be the preferred dentist for patients

Quality in the service should not only concern commercial establishments. Doctors and, in this case, dentists, must take into account many factors to ensure the total satisfaction of their patients.

In general, a patient who is satisfied with his Dentist will have no reason to change his doctor, on the contrary, a happy patient will always recommend his Dentist.

Here are some tips to be the preferred Dentist for patients:

- Respect the appointment schedule of the patient.
- Say hello in each session by name.
- Establish a brief conversation showing interest in other personal issues of the patient, for example: check the birthday and congratulate him if the appointment is close to his birthday, follow up on a previous conversation, ask about his family, his children, boyfriend, school etc.
- Provide at all times friendly, respectful and professional treatment, both Dentist and office staff.
- The location of the office should preferably be easily accessible, have easy parking and public transport routes. Today, there are already several clinics that even have valet parking for their patients.
- That the office is always clean, orderly and with updated technology. Both the Dentist and the staff must always wear appropriate and neat clothing.
- Have several payment alternatives: credit, debit and check cards, as well as offer attractive promotions. Diversity in the hours and days of attention.

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