Cosmetic Dentist Learns Location is Key to Success

Arlene Shaffer is a New York realtor with the gift of gab. From home inspections with clients to waiting on line at the grocery store, Arlene likes to talk. Her dentist, Dr. Bertman has tried unsuccessfully for years to stop the gab. The best he could do was garble it. Dr. Bertman had come to expect her ending each session with her credo, "It's all about location, dear".


After putting Arlene's porcelain veneers in, and fighting his urge to wire her jaws shut, Dr. Bertman finally took a moment to ask Arlene why she ends every meeting with her seemingly trite credo about real estate. To his surprise Arlene responded, "Who said I was talking about real estate Dentist in Los Angeles?"


It was at that moment when a light bulb went off in Dr. Bertman's head, as bright as the veneers he just put in. He remembered the conversation they were having the first time Arlene said, "It's all about location, dear." They were discussing Dr. Bertman's desire to grow his practice. Despite her assurance that his office location was perfect, Arlene had said, "if you want to grow your practice, it's all about location, dear."


To grow his practice Dr. Bertman did not have to change the location of his office. He had to change the location of something else. In his case, like many others, to grow his practice he had to change the location of his website.


Like many dentists and cosmetic dentists, Dr. Bertman invested in a very well-designed website. Visitors to his site are always impressed by the site's design, content and photographs of smiling staff and patients. Also like many other dentists, Dr. Bertman, did not focus on marketing his website. Specifically, he never considered the position of his website in web searches.


There are over 100,000 monthly web searches on Google and Yahoo for dentists in New York as researched in WordTracker®. In fact, the most searched for dental term in New York is "New York cosmetic dentist". Though this may seem like good news for Dr. Bertman, the fact is his website does not appear in the search results for this term or any other term. His beautiful site goes unseen. This phenomenon is true for thousands of dentists in cities large and small.


Google, Yahoo, and MSN like all search engines determine which websites appear in search results and the order they appear in by applying a complex mathematical formula. The higher a website scores in the formula, as compared to the billions of other webs pages online, the higher it will rank in the search results.


Before going any further it is important to distinguish between "natural" or "organic" results and sponsored results. Though at your local grocery store "organic" may equate to costing more, in search engines organic means they cost nothing. Organic or natural results are the heart and soul of search engines. They appear in the center of the search results pages and are determined solely by how websites score in their mathematical formulas.


In Google, the Sponsored listings are highlighted in beige at the top of the listings, and appear to the right of the natural listings.


In Yahoo, the Sponsored listings are highlighted in blue at the top of the listings, and appear to the right of the natural listings.

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