Benefits of electronic health records to developing nations

Long ago, before the invention of technology, record keeping was a big problem in most departments, including the health sector. But the development of technology has revolutionized how records are handled. This is most especially in developed nations.

It is important to understand why technology should be used in the health sector in the developing nations. In this article, we shall look at some of the reasons why it is important for every country that is still developing to focus on technology in its health sector.

Easy access

One reason why technology should be used in a clinic management system is for easy access to records. With technology, you can have all the records accessed from a central location thus making it both easy and efficient in retrieving them.

Remember that with the low literate levels in the developing countries, simple record keeping can be a challenge. Also, the number of patients visiting a clinic facility is enormous. This makes it hard for the staff to efficiently keep the records and retrieve them when required.


One thing that is evident among poor countries is corruption. It is like every officer has a high appetite for free things. With the EHR software, you have all the records of the hospital managed in one central location.

This makes it easy to monitor the financial records to be accessed and scrutinized easily. With ease of access and scrutiny of the financial records, one would fear corrupting the system since he knows it will be known. It is therefore true to say that having electronic health records can help improve transparency within the clinic management system.

Easy sharing of information

It is hard to claim that you can efficiently share information using manual means. This is both strenuous and time consuming. The surest way of sharing information easily within the health sector would be through electronic means.

This makes electronic health records important to be installed. It makes the work both easier and cheap as all you need is one or two staff to work on that. This way, you would be saving on the scares resource which is a prominent feature among the developing countries.

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