Singapore – A Place To Enjoy Food Of All Sorts

Food is often said the source of life. Like water we cannot live without food as this contain essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fats and numerous other elements that keep the body moving. Over the years since human evolution, food style has seen a dramatic turn around because of the geographical regions around the world. Today we are talking about a place that has developed in the past 60-70 years and have also seen a remarkable change into its cuisine style. Yes, we are talking about Singapore which is as ethnically different as its people. It has influence of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian and western over its food.

One can really have a gratifying gastronomical experience by simply visiting a shopping mall or a hawker centre.  Singapore is known for its rich and vibrant food culture and it is quite valid seeing at the variety of food and number of restaurants and other eating establishments. The food variety is such huge that if you are visiting the country for a few days you cannot possibly enjoy and have a full experience of Singapore food.

Like every country Singapore too has its hot favorite dishes which are listed on every menu. So let’s quickly have a look at some of Singapore’s most loved cuisines:

Hainanese Chicken Rice:

Topping the chart is the all time favorite dish Hainanese Chicken with rice. It is a quick fulfilling lunch. The steamed chicken is served with rice that is cooked in chicken stock.

Char Kuay Teow:

It’s basically a rice preparation. It is prepared by mixing together rice flour and water and then putting the mixer into small saucer and steamed. The rice cakes that are cooked are then topped with radish and served with some chilli sauce.


Flavored dried shrimp, sambal chili are cooked in coconut milk along with thick rice vermicelli to prepare this dish. This is served with toppings like taupok (beancurd puffs), shrimps, fish cakes and cockles.

Chilli Crab:

Cooked in semi-thick gravy with a tomato chili base this chili crab dish is awesome to taste. Though it is not as spicy as the name suggests but it really tastes good.

Hokkien Prawn Mee:

This dish is a mix of everything. You get to eat prawn, chicken slices, fish cake, squid stir fried in Hokkien noodles. The dish is served with soy sauce, chili, sambal sauce, lime wedge and vinegar.
Barbecued Stingray:

This is a popular hawker stall seafood dish. It is prepared by slated meat of stingray in thick sambal sauce with diced chillies, tomatoes and shrimp paste. It is then cooked slowly wrapped in banana leaf over a grill.

Fish Head Curry:

This is quite a popular dish across Asia Pacific region. It is prepared with huge fish head and vegetables and served with bread or rice. It got its influence from South India with some Chinese and Malay inclusions.


The grilled meat is the basic ingredient of this dish. The meat is served with rice cake, cucumber-chili and peanut sauce. This dish is an excellent starter or a party platter. The meat can be pork, beef, chicken or mutton.


A flatbread prepared from wheat flour is basically from South Asia and is eaten with a variety of curries and dishes.

These were some of the popular dishes that are a part of Singapore food. You can read about more varieties on some popular Singapore Food Blog that can give you an idea about your food preferences before arriving in Singapore. Beside the above mentioned popular dishes there are tons of food you need to try during your Singapore stay.

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