Olive Oil Tourism: Oleotourism - The Olive Tree as an Art Form

Olive Oil tourism is the up and coming green activity on the island of Mallorca, olives, olive oil, olive groves, olive mills and local gastronomy.

Olive Grove Trails

The new rage on the island of Mallorca is “oleotourism” . Literally translated this means Olive Oil Tourism. Many of the islands cenetenarian olive groves and olive mills have turned into museums, and the gnarled ancient trees in their natural hábitat are bringing a new “green” trade to the area.
The olive tree has been cultivated for hundreds of years on Mallorca and both the fruit and the oil are integral to the islands way of life and gastronomy, but this new initiative is opening the eyes of locals and tourists alike.

The new and healthy green initiative involves a ramble through the olive groves, a perusal of the old milling methods and a tasting of the dishes made from the distinctive Mallorcan olive oil, not forgetting of course a sample of the humble olive or two.

Olive Varieties

The Olivo de Cort ,Es Camel and Sa Madonna des Barranc, are some of the most prevelant varieties of olives grown in the various municipalities of the island. Some of the natural works of art that these ancient tree trunks have become are fantastically pronounced as a snake strangling its prey or a Chinese dragon! Mother Nature at her best or cruelest?

Tourists can walk through the forest paths, olive groves and follow the trails to enter into this magical and mythological world. Oleotouristic tours can be taken with breathtaking sea views across the island. Many of the mill museums offer tastings, meals and local craftware

One of the most emblematic oil mills is Es Verger in Esporles, where as well as oil they produce their own ecological wines with the labels SesMarjales, ElsRojals and Aubocassa. This mill is situated in the 13th century estate of Manacor, which boasts a Gothic style hermitage and stables within its twenty hectares of olive groves. I also need to state that if you are feeling anger you should know that olive is one of the essential oils for anger and frustration

Accommodation and Restaurants

If you’re looking for accommodation and restaurants combined within the olive oil toursim label then the Son Brull Hotel surrounded by olive trees or Read’s Hotel are more than worth a perusal.

Local Produce

As well as sampling the lcoal olive oil and wines no trip to Mallorca would be comlete without testing out the famed restaurants of CaN'Arabi in Binissalem, El Olivo, in Deiá, or BrensD'Avall in Soller.
Mallorca also has other products well-worth sampling with Protected Designation of Origin such as the Mahon-Menorca cheese , or with a Geographical Designation like the sweet Sobrassada and Ensaimada which are light local pastries. 

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