Malabar parathas are perfect for every kind of meals

If you want to relish a good Indian bread, then look no more because parathas are here to melt your heart and taste buds as well. These types of bread are different from any regular Indian pieces of bread like nan and kulcha. Any type of Indian parties is not complete without food and it will be a good idea to make these. These parathas go with every kind of curry dishes.

Facts about Malabar parathas

Malabar parathas are also known as Barota. These breads are different from lachcha parathas but closer to Roti Cannai which is a part of Malay cuisine. A good Malabar paratha is very flaky but it still holds its fluffy nature. These are both soft and crisp which makes them unique and delicious.

The perfect dishes to enjoy with Malabar parathas

Malabar bread is super flaky, crisp, soft and fluffy. They are very thin and the layers can absorbed any kind of curry within it. A perfect plate of coconut curry or chicken Chettinad will go perfectly with these parathas. You can also eat various kinds of meat stews with Malabar bread and it can even be used as a crisp soft cover to envelope delicious fries which are made of caramelized onions, shallots, curry leaves, pepper and many other different spices.

Origin and availability of Malabar parathas

Malabar bread has its origin in South India especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They are made perfectly made in those regions. It is difficult to find a perfectly made Malabar paratha in Mumbai or Delhi .But there are several South Indian cuisine restaurants which are now serving them to customers. These parathas can also be made at your home. If you are about to entertain your South Indian friends then serve these mouth-watering parathas with a chicken or any other type of meat dish and they are bound to get impressed.

These bread are becoming popular throughout India

Malabar bread has their origin in South India but these breads are so crisp and delicious that they have become quite popular all over in India now. These breads can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are so light and they can be eaten with almost every kind of side dishes like chicken stew or stir-fried. People are opting for this bread when they go to restaurants. Due to such demand, many restaurants are including it in their menu. They are even easy to make provided you learn certain tricks to make it soft and flaky.

What do restaurateurs think about serving Malabar parathas?

More and more restaurants which are outside of South India have started serving Malabar parathas since they have become a hot favorite. These parathas can be enjoyed as a snack or it can be eaten during lunch or dinner time. These flaky and soft breads are often enjoyed with pickles or it can be enjoyed with any meat or vegetable dishes. For any type of functions or small gatherings, these can be served to the guests as they are very tasty.

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