How to Make Scrumptious Ice Cream Using a Blender?

One kitchen appliance that stands out among the must-haves is a powerful blender. The investment that you make in this humble and versatile appliance is sure to bring about a major transformation to your kitchen and also on your health.

All of us are aware of the health benefits that are associated with eating five servings of fruits and vegetables. We also know that a major part of our diet should be raw fruits and vegetables as cooking kills the vital nutrients present in them. All this is good for reading, but when it comes to practice it is not feasible to keep chewing these fruits and vegetables whole day long.

Moreover, we have such hectic schedules that getting time to sit and have three meals is a blessing on most days. In such a scenario, even thinking of munching on fruits and vegetables every few hours is not possible. So, how to get all those amazing vitamins and minerals? Well, blender is the solution as it takes few seconds to blend all together. Along with vitamins and minerals, the fibre is also intact if you go for smoothies.

Why Blenders?
The modern advanced blenders come with some pre-set functions that helps in making smoothies, crushing ice, making fresh juices, soup, ice creams etc. It helps you to fix a healthy breakfast in few seconds when you are super busy. You just need to throw in some frozen fruits, whey protein, nuts and oatmeal into it. Blend and drink your breakfast on your way to work. It is as simple as that.

Making Ice Cream in Blender
If you are the kind of person who loves to have ice cream but worry about the calories, a blender helps you to churn out healthy ice-creams. There comes a pre-set function of ice-cream in many advanced blenders. You just need to throw in some frozen fruits, a little cream, and ice into the jar and press that pre-set function button. Delicious, hygienic and healthy ice-cream will be ready in less than a minute.

As you will be choosing the ingredients, you have full control over it. You can add more of fruits, less of sugar and cream and vice versa. It is totally dependent on you how much calorie ice-cream you want to have. With an advanced blender in your kitchen, you have the luxury of having scrumptious ice cream anytime and that too freshly prepared within one minute. Isn’t it magical?
These blenders come with both hot and cold functions. So, if you don’t want to have ice-cream but a hot herb soup it has an option for that too. Just add water to the jar and press the herb tea option. The water will start heating up and when the panel shows the temperature of 98 degrees just remove the lid of the jar and add your herbs. A delicious hot herb tea gets ready in 12minutes flat.

Blender is one appliance that has made life in the kitchen easy and convenient. You can do ample of things with it right from making powders to grinding dosa batter or churning out juices, smoothies, soups etc. The pre-set functions make operating it simple as you just need to add the ingredients and press the function you want. The machine is designed to take care of the rest automatically.

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