How to Find Restaurants and Cafes with Wi-Fi Near Me

Modern people need the safe and powerful internet connection everywhere and always. We are used to spending several hours a day chatting, looking for the relevant information and entertainments online. Therefore, restaurants with free Wi-Fi can offer the helpful solutions for multiple real-life situations.

According to the latest statistics, people use from 1 to 11 hours online. We use the popular social networks, buy the necessary items online, chat with relatives and friends, play games and, certainly, send the urgent business documentation.
Therefore, we can’t do without the internet even for a moment. The large city residents install routers at home and try to stay online within the house, being always available, watching movies and listening to the favorite music.

Meanwhile, going for a walk, during the commute or just staying outdoors, we can find the mobile internet to be insufficient or too expensive. Travelers and people on business experience even the greatest need in reliable Wi-Fi connection. Communications are even more essential in another country, but it’s usually difficult to find the affordable providers and systems at once on arrival. The useful Wi-Fi Space app helps you to stay online.

Why Coffee Shops with Wi-Fi are Helpful

During the meals or waiting for the dishes to be served, the guests often talk with friends and colleagues, play games, listen to the music or even watch movies. Do you think they would pay for the traffic? It’s quite possible to get free, unlimited access in your local food outlet, even if it’s small and not very popular.

Restaurants with free Wi-Fi prefer offering the service to:
• attract multiple visitors;
• become highly-visited;
• improve the customers’ satisfaction;
• build the guests’ database;
• track the clients’ behavior;
• promote specials;
• increase sales;
• make the brand well-known.

Knowing that the coffee shop with Wi-Fi is near me, finding it on the interactive map, using the advanced Wi-Fi Space mobile application, I would certainly visit it when I urgently need the internet connection. Therefore, I would order at least a cup of espresso or tea with some dishes or desserts.

The Common Wi-Fi Hotspots Providers

Arriving at the foreign city or town, tourists usually go to the restaurants with free Wi-Fi. Everybody knows that the hotspots are available in McDonalds or Starbucks. Additionally, internet connection is commonly provided by:
• fast food restaurants;
• bars;
• coffee shops;
• cafes;
• pubs;
• bakeries.

The commercial establishments that serve food and drinks may seem to be very similar when you need a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Meanwhile, some difference between them exists. Restaurants usually serve various food that is especially prepared by the customer’s order. Alcoholic beverages are also available. Cafes offer ready-made dishes. A coffee shop usually sells only the drinks, beverages and snacks.

How to Find the Cafes with Wi-Fi near me?

It’s easy to find open hotspots nowadays. Before going anywhere, just download and install the innovative the Wi-Fi Space mobile app to your smartphone and enjoy the great service. Several app versions for all mobile devices are available (iOS, Android, etc.), so, just find the necessary one.
Using this smart application, you can:

  • find the nearest local cafes and restaurants with free Wi-Fi on an interactive map;
  • log in automatically;
  • select the hotspots by access opportunities, safety and the signal strength
  • Get the password databases.


The Wi-Fi devices are immediately detected by the advanced software solution. The icons are marked by colors for your convenience. Green icons mean that Wi-Fi access is provided for free, without any password. Yellow color is to mark the spots that are protected by the passwords that are commonly shared by the users. Red icons specify the networks with the unknown or secret password.

Additionally, you can discover the new hotspots and add them to the database fast and without any efforts.

How to Enter the Network in Coffee Shops with Wi-Fi?

When you find your local food outlet using the Wi-Fi Space app, know that the hotspot is available for sure. If the establishment is marked by green color, you’ll log in automatically. For the yellow icons, the password is to be listed.

Additionally, the sign with the password is to be available on the wall, near the entrance or the bar counter. It is to be very simple, such as “guest” “visitor” or “eat first”. If you don’t see the sign, ask the waiter about it.

The Wi-Fi signal can be not too strong, so, try to find a table indoors. Don’t use your payment and credit card data in public places if you are not completely sure that the network is safe and secure for the online shopping operations.

Using the beneficial Wi-Fi space application, I find local cafes with Wi-Fi near me easily and immediately; so I advise all my friends to use the software solution anytime and everywhere.


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