Grapefruit Diet Plan: Does It Work?

If you have ever looked online for the perfect diet or weight-loss plan, you probably have come across the grapefruit diet. It is a diet that most dieticians would label as a quick weight-loss plan.
There are different grapefruit-diet plans you can follow.

There is the 12-day grapefruit-diet plan. There is also a 3-day grapefruit-diet plan for those who want to try out the diet short term. The plan involves eating certain foods at certain times and of course eating grapefruit or drinking some unsweetened grapefruit juice at every meal.

For those who do not like grapefruit there is a grapefruit pill that can be taken with the diet instead of eating grapefruit. The diet claims that you will lose about 1 pound for every day you are on the diet. The most days they recommend you follow the diet is 12 days. You then need to give your body a rest before starting the diet again.

The diet meal plan has you eating certain foods three times a day with a snack allowed in the evening. Your calories will be severely restricted as you will only consume about 1000 calories a day. For most people this is not enough calories and many will not follow the diet as it should be followed or will quit before its time is up.

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In a strange twist, compared to most diets, on the grapefruit diet you are required to eat everything they ask you to for each meal even if you are full. It is also suggested that while on the grapefruit diet you drink plenty of water and follow a exercise program. This type of diet will probably give you the short term results you are looking for if you want to lose some weight quickly.

However once you go off the diet most of the weight will come back. The weight you will lose while on the grapefruit diet plan will be mostly water and not actual fat. It is not recommended as a long term solution to weight management.

The grapefruit diet and other diets like it should probably be avoided. The results they offer happen to quickly over such a short period of time that it is not a realistic way to take off weight. Diets such as this avoid common sense in that they do not teach you the right way to eat, do not emphasize exercise enough and have you avoiding certain basic food groups.

Every food group needs to be included in a healthy persons balanced diet. In the long run a diet such as the grapefruit diet will leave you feeling hungry, tired and disappointed and should probably not be followed.

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