Do Raw Food Diets Work?

Thinking in terms of eating raw foods as a special diet is not the way to be successful, it is not a fad diet. It is not something you should do for a few months to lose weight, but it should be a change of lifestyle. You may be wondering if you could stick to eating this way, and if you can, do raw food diets work? Some people who eat a raw food diet do not eat raw foods 100 percent of the time. Striking a balance and avoiding processed foods is a healthy option favoured by many.

The Advantages of Eating Raw Foods
Following a raw food diet consists of eating unprocessed foods and ones that have not been cooked. This way you get more of the nutrients without any of the harmful additives that are used to make things grow quicker, or to keep the color. This concept is not new. Since the 1800’s it has been known that everyone can benefit from eating raw fruits and vegetables as part of their everyday diet. Just some of the advantages for your body are:

• Improved digestion
• Healthier heart and liver
• Clearer skin
• Less nutrient deficiencies
• A healthier body weight
You will also feel more energetic and be less prone to things like high blood pressure and cancer.

What Foods Can You Eat Raw?
While most of a raw food diet is usually made from raw fruits and vegetables, they are not the only ingredients by any means. Nuts and seeds are a good addition, as are grains, beans and legumes. Everyone should have some fats in their diet, and there are beverages and fermented foods you can use as well. Herbs, spices and condiments can all be used for flavoring. Of course, in the summer months, salads are ideal.

At there is much information and advice on which foods are considered raw and recipes to give you ideas of just how tasty meals can be when only raw, fresh foods are used.

Who Can Benefit from a Raw Food Diet?
Just about everyone can benefit from a raw food diet, but there are some who it can help even more, such as:

• Cancer sufferers
• Those with heart diseases
• Anyone that has high blood pressure or high cholesterol
• People with gall stones or gall bladder diseases
• Raw foods help with autoimmune disorders and food allergies
• They can ease muscle and joint pains
• Parkinsons disease sufferers
• Women who suffer with PMS would feel the benefit

There are others that can feel the benefits as well, such as headache or migraine sufferers or those that feel constantly tired. It is a common misconception that cooked foods are easier to digest, when in fact our digestive system copes better with raw foods. This is just one of the reasons you will have more energy, because your body does not have to work so hard to process whatever you eat if the food is raw. There is no post lunch dip on a raw food diet.

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