Why people have given up their 2018 fitness goals

We’re in the second week of February 2018, and as always, a large number of Americans have given up their new year's resolution to work out. In a survey of 2000 Americans, 44% said they had lost all hope of getting their physique. While the desire is there, it seems that the hardest battle to fight and win is the psychological one. Nearly one out of two respondents said they felt intimidated by the thought of working out at a gym. 

A study by BlenderBottle sent out to quantify intimidation levels the ‘gym’ cases among people and uncover the reason behind it. Some cited doubting their ability to the machines correctly as one of the reasons behind their option out of exercising at the gym, if at all. 28 percent said they wouldn’t have a clue on how to use the equipment.

The reason that most people don’t go the gym is that they’re worried they won’t look as fit as anyone else. For those who’ve been to the gym before, this sentiment is not foreign. Half the respondents stated this as the reason they’ve given up on their 2018 fitness goals. 46% were worried that others judge them in the gym. A little less than half of those surveyed said they felt like giving up going to the gym

With these responses, it is hardly surprising that 61 percent said they currently don’t gym at all. Should you share this sentiment, you're encouraged to shift your focus. Why are you going to the gym? The psychological battle gets half won when you have a robust response. What remains is achieving your set goal. Whether it’s for health reasons for wanting to work with beauty PR firms which require you to be fit, work to stick to your target.

For some people, it’s not about the will to go, but instead, they find membership costs out of their price range. Other said that they are more comfortable working out in their home gym, while others said they felt uncomfortable exercising next to someone who was fitter than them.

A quarter of the 2,000 respondents said that they’re unable to carve out time from their busy schedules to get to the gym. Previous injuries were also cited for inability to keep fit at the said establishment.

By and large, confidence has been seen to be a barrier to success. The effects of exercise are what make people gain this confidence. With it come motivation and a positive impact on one’s mood. A spokesperson for the shaker cup and bottle company echoed these sentiments. With time, the gym will be something to be looked forward to and not dreaded.

For some, it’s not about intimidation. One in five people stated that the reason they don’t gym is that they were happy with how they looked. A third of the total questioned was also motivated to get and stay in shape. People don’t have a problem with wanting to work out. Nearly three-quarters of the group wanted to exercise more. It shows that many people are health conscious and do want to get fit.

To get past the initial anxiety that comes with going to the gym, respondents, and others like them, are urged to ask for help. Personal trainers or the staff at the gym is only too happy to help with your fitness. A gym partner or accountability partners are also great to have.

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