Tips To Minimize The Damage To Your Relationship When Telling Your Partner You Have An STD

Whenever you're diagnosed with STD, it can be a jarring experience. You might be feeling alone, confused, afraid or a combination of all three. You're not sure what your options are or who to trust for reliable information.

This holds double when you haven't yet told your partner, or if there's someone new in your life you'd like to continue dating.

A good relationship is a very rare thing in today's world and takes months, and often years to develop. But they can be destroyed in a moment. Sexually transmitted diseases can ruin a relationship whether you get one before or during a relationship. Even though STD is easily curable, it often creates a lot of problems within relationships. If you have STD and are afraid to tell them because you fear to lose them to the infestation, here are some tips to minimize the damage to your relationship and keep your relationship strong when telling your partner you have an STD:

Be honest: Even if you don't always tell your partner the truth, admitting that you have STD to your partner will immediately start to help rebuild any distrust that it seeds. If your partner finds out in some other way before you tell them, they will feel lied to, unimportant, and distance themselves from you.

Treat it fast: Getting rid of the STD infestation as fast as you can also is very important. By getting rid of the STD immediately you create distance between your relationship and the STD, making them a part of your past rather than a part of your current relationship. There are many good methods of getting rid of them.

Don't talk to the source of the STD: If you know who gave you, STD makes sure you don't have any trace of communications with that person that your partner can see. By cutting off the person completely, they seem like a part of your past that you regret. STD symptoms can take a month to appear so this does give you some cushion as far as the time of infection goes.

STD don't have to come from people: Although STDs are usually transmitted through sexual contact, it can also be transmitted by sharing clothing or surfaces with people with STD shortly after that person uses the clothing or surface. So even though you think it came from a person, it may have come from a different, nonsexual source, especially if you have a lot of close contact with somebody with STD.

As you can see, STDs do not always have to be such destructive. There are many ways to go through an STD infection without damaging your relationship at all by being diligent and smart about your infection.

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