The Electric Cars – Pros and Cons

Quite some buzz is being created in the automotive industry with the electric cars. The electric cars are efficient, easy to use, luxurious, hi tech and so much better for the environment that we live in. as with everything else in life, where we have benefits, we have drawbacks too.
We are going to discuss three main pros and three main cons that the electric cars have.
The pros of the electric cars are:

• You would not have to pay for gas
• The electric cars would be cheaper to maintain
• They would be good for the environment
The cons of the electric cars are:
• They cost more than a conventional car
• They take a lot of time charging and the batteries don’t give a good mileage
• You may not find charging places for your electric car

The biggest pro of having an electric car is that you would not have to go to the gas station every now and then. You would not have to drive miles and miles just to get a full tank. You would just have to plug it in your garage or something before you go to bed and you would have a charged battery in the morning. If this isn’t easy, I don’t know what is. You wouldn’t even have to worry about the fuel prices going up every now and then because you have an electric car.

The electric cars are so easy and cheaper to maintain. When you do not have a gasoline engine you would not have to keep tracks of when you last changed you oil, or that you need to get the engine services or anything like that. This is because the electric cars do not have engines in them. The electric cars do not need proper and regular maintenance because they have an electric motor that has a battery with a life span of up to ten years.

The electric cars do not use fossil fuels so they have no emissions. They do not even have a tail pipe. This is a very big step towards making a car green. No emissions mean that there are pollutants being released into the environment.

Because the electric cars are a new technology, they cost much more than a conventional car. You could get a nice middle sized gas powered conventional car at the cost of a basic electric car.
The electric cars do not give you as much mileage as you might have thought that they would. Once the batteries of your car are fully charged, you might be able to make just 80 – 100 miles. And they take up a lot of time to charge, so if you forget to plug your car in before going to bed, you might not be able to get a ride in your electric car the next morning.

There are not a lot of charging stations and for people who live in apartments and condos might find it difficult to charge their cars as the electric cars need to be charged over night.

Provided that you have made up your mind to get a new car, and that too an electric car, and you need to sell your used car, you would have to find a place that would get you the best possible price for your car so that you can have a good price to start with when buying an electric car as they cost a lot. The most ideal place for you to sell your car is the car buying companies. These companies claim to buy any car, and staying true to it , they do not turn down cars at all.

Furthermore, these companies are known to provide their customers with free car valuation that gives the customers a price that is accurate and fair. This is just what you need to start thinking about the new green electric car that would not only be a good thing for you but also for the environment.

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